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Angels Don't Lie

Angels Don't Lie is a show dedicated to healing and love.  Jeanne takes live questions during the show you can call 646- 891-5252 or email your  question to!

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The theme is healing – love, loss and meditation

February 8, 2017

Jeanne brings a fire to the show tonight.  Even before the show started, Jeanne was on Facebook Live introducing everyone to the studio and prepping everyone for the show.  Tonight’s theme was healing and as we have found the Angels stay to the theme.  Our first caller, Trish, had called in a couple months ago…

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You are not alone

Being a sensitive person or showing signs of being an Empath is a telling sign for me when working with a client. I always guide them to open up their view on energy. This video will tell you all the steps you need to know on mastering not only your energy, but the energy around you.

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