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Wintery Blues

February 9, 2017

February is a difficult month for many people. Seasonal depression, winter blues or whatever you find comfort in calling the oh so common drop of your energy during the winter months. One of the best ways to pick yourself up is to implement a new well-being plan. My recommendation for you is one I propose to my…

Transparent Perspective

February 1, 2017

  We are beings of light that is what the Angels have both shown and told me. The light of our souls connection is felt through our energetic being. We omit frequencies of happiness, sadness, despair and more. We are magnetic beings of energy. Basically, the energy our body sends outward is the energy we…

Seeing is Believing

January 19, 2017

Religious Apparitions and Visions Throughout time there has been sightings of God and religious figures that appear to man, these visions or apparitions have been documented and passed down through religions. In the Bible for instance there are 17 listings of Angels appearing to man and 11 sightings of God. There are also known areas…

Miraculous Messages

January 4, 2017

Miraculous Messages Before every broadcast of my radio program Angels Don’t Lie, I take time to meditate and connect with the Divine. In my meditation I can ask the Angels and God for the messages that are meant for those who are listening in. The room in which the show is aired transforms with the…

Gentle Guidance

December 30, 2016

Connecting to God and his Divine energy happens effortlessly with a prayerful moment and clear intention. At first my body begins to shift ever so slightly, muscles relax in tension as my mind is quiet within the space of peaceful prayer. The pure loving energy of the Divine flows all around my being while the connection…


December 28, 2016

Angels My guidance from Divine Angels is something that I have lived with my entire life. Surprisingly though there were times that I was not fully aware or awake to this Divine connection I have called mediumship. Some people have questioned my Divine connection and how I could have not known it was there, some…

Whispers of Essence

October 30, 2016

Just as Spirit speaks in tones of love supporting and offering guidance, other life forms speak as well. Energetic waves of messages come offering us wisdom of the essence of its nature. Our essence speaks as well. Listening to the rythem of these subtle whispers of essence allows one clear insight. The insight can lead…

Spiritual Advisory Team

January 18, 2016

Spirit Speaks I have had a lot of people ask what it is like to have a Spiritual team or guides. First I should tell you that you too have a team of guides, Angels waiting and willing to work with you. Following the guidance of Spirit requires that I participate fully in our relationship.…

The Drama Vortex

January 8, 2016

Drama is an action birthed out of a low energetic being. Drama is a fear based thinking brought forth by Ego. Drama’s energy is a vortex that can become a highly addictive behavior. Ego likes this energy because of how it keeps you far from the love thoughts.

Angels Don’t Lie

January 5, 2016

Angels Don’t Lie! What I have grown to accept and understand with each of my senses throughout my Spiritual journey is that within the Divine flow there is the energy. This energy is truth. Truth of the Soul’s purpose, truth of the Soul’s healing exist in this energy flow. Angelic connection heightens the awareness or…