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The Goddess You

Principles for Living in Soul Alignment

 The Goddess You, uncovers the false belief systems that ego puts into place to keep one living a fear-based life.  The Goddess You presents the possibility of a soul-connected life, with love leading the way following the twelve principles to your soul alignment.  

The Goddess You Journal

Principles for Living in Soul Alignment

In the pages of The Goddess You Journal you will meet someone very special. A connection will be made to your Inner Soul-Self, the true and purest form of you, The Goddess You!


The Goddess You is a beautifully written inspirational blueprint for becoming perfectly aligned with your soul purpose. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the chapter on forgiveness. I have read many books, and have heard the lectures my whole young life, but I felt that the author had something new to say. This book is especially designed to help the reader heal from past traumas, accept their abilities, and live without fear. 

I recommend this book to healers and lightworkers that are struggling to embrace their gifts, though anyone searching to attain true happiness and peace will benefit from reading it. ~ Alyssa Elmore

The Goddess You is a wonderful and engaging read if you want to learn how to tap into the Divine within. Throughout the course of the book, Street gives practical exercises, journal prompts, and anecdotal stories.

The artwork within is quite beautiful as well. Highly recommended.

J. Aislynn d Merricksson

The Goddess You: Principles for Living in Soul Alignment is the perfect book for anyone looking to better their life through positive guidance and divine healing. Included in the book are definitions of angels, personal stories, breathing exercises, information about chakras, and my favorite, bonus sections to help you with journaling. 

I enjoyed that The Goddess You: Principles for Living in Soul Alignment was one part informational book, one part workbook. The book is extremely interactive, and because I have trouble with journaling, I was delighted to read all the prompts and exercises.

I recommend this book to those interested in divine energy and finding  alternative methods to relax and enjoy life! `Carla Trueheart