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I'm so glad you're here!

In this life, we are all looking for answers, and we are each carrying our own pain, grief, and sadness.

I can help you by guiding you to heal yourself.


It’s my deepest desire to empower you to make positive changes so that you find clarity, balance and happiness, and move forward to live your life as your highest soul self.

A Catholic Girl In An Angel World

Hi, I’m Jeanne, welcome to my website!

I’m known as the Angel Whisperer, and I work with the Spiritual realm every day. I connect people to their loved ones in heaven, and I’m honored to share the work I have been divinely guided to do with you.

Learn more about me and my offerings here ...


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Let me improve your experience!

Please take a quick survey about your spiritual goals and how you would like these divine messages sent to you.


Would you like to...

  • receive Divine guidance and wisdom?
  • be released from your emotional pain?
  • live a life filled with abundance, joy and passion?
  • finally connect to your soul’s purpose?

When you work with me, I...

• channel Divine love, Angelic tones, and Spirit to aid your healing

• bring personal and validating messages from your departed loved ones

• empower you to embrace your unique and remarkable essence

• Illuminate the pathway to a soul-aligned and peaceful future

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What Do You Need?

Whether you’re looking for answers and guidance, some support and company on your spiritual journey, or accessories for your Divine lifestyle, you’ll find everything you need right here!


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Angels Don't Lie.

Tuesdays 7 pm ET On Facebook. 

The Goddess You

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My beautiful books, The Goddess You and The Goddess You Journal, guide you through the twelve principles to finding your soul alignment, with easy-to-follow steps showing you a way for your soul self to emerge and flow within the Divine energy of God.

Discover more about the book HERE and access the first chapter of the Goddess Journal PLUS a printable guide to the Goddess principles below...

Angels Don't Lie

Every Tuesday there is new episode of the Angels Don’t Lie show is available.

I share Angelic guidance, connect people their departed loved ones, and reveal my wellness tips, helping you to live your very best life - mind, body, and soul!

Listen to the latest episode here…


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Goddess Youniversity

At the Goddess Youniversity, you can take your learning and self-discovery even deeper by using the invaluable tools taught within each of the master classes.

Join a community of like-minded women who are unlocking their passions and purpose on their path to a happy and fulfilled life.

Discover more...

Live Your Truth

Are you struggling to figure out your life’s purpose?

The answer is to connect to passion.

Want to find out how?

Download your free Goddess Youniversity mini-course right now. You’ll receive access to videos and an in-depth workbook which will show you how to take the steps to start living your truths today.



Praise for Jeanne

"I just want to say how blessed I feel that I got to meet with you at a time when I felt completely lost and hopeless. You were able to connect with my father who passed away in October. Since I’ve met with you I have reconnected with my mother (after not speaking for five years). It’s been a huge blessing and has completely changed my life for the better". ~ Kim M

"Jeanne was a great help recently when I was at a crossroad, and her guidance helped me with my decision making. Jeanne is the “ real deal”! ~ Jenn

"Jeanne's natural healing ability has been polished until it shines with compassion… Jeanne encourages and empowers clients to dig deep and learn to see through the veil." ~Kami Bacon

"Your words/ messages that you delivered to me have been a confirmation of everything I must have known at one time, and forgotten, turned away from in fear". ~Hillary

Love & Blessings

My wish for you is that you live a life of pure joy and happiness. That you share your wonderful light with the world. That you fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Let me support you.

Arrange your free consultation with me below.

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