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Through the
Miracle of Mediumship

I tap into the infinite and give you the gift of unconditional love. This energy supports your finding the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, your healing in places you didn’t even realize that you needed, and the gift of knowing and experiencing the unconditional love that is your birthright.

With unconditional love, miracles are possible.
Doors open, circumstances shift, healing happens.

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A God-based mediumship method & training.

Medium Mastery is for the woman who is ready to step fully into her calling and further develop her mediumship abilities.

The healer archetypes who harmonize with the Mastery.

1:1 Medium Readings

In your personal 30 or 60 minute medium reading you will feel unconditionally loved and find the inner peace, comfort and clarity you’ve been searching for. 

Jeanne will channel profound validating messages from your departed loved ones with blessed guidance from God. This reading will support and empower you to process your grief, make positive changes to move forward in your life and live fully as your soul self.


Soul Shine Membership

A Sacred & Holy Community For Women 

As a member you’ll awaken & activate your extraordinary gifts. You’ll heighten your intuition as you and receive channeled  messages, guidance and support that you’ve been longing for. If you feel like you’re worn out from all of your trying and doing and are finally ready for ease, support & guidance with the intercession of MIRACLES… I’ve got you covered!

Hello Lovely! I'm Jeanne.

God-based Medium,
Healer & Conduit of the Profound

Your guide to accessing the Heavenly realm and receiving messages, wisdom, and healing grace that will renew your sense of wholeness. Reminding you of your true nature and the power of being unconditionally loved.

I normalize communicating with Heaven by bridging the gap between Heaven & Earth.

Heaven Now- Group Reading

Discover the answers to questions you didn’t even know you had, healing in places you didn’t even realize that you needed, and the gift of unconditional love from your passed loved ones in Heaven.

Private- 1:1 Session

Receive personal profound messages, guidance, and healing energy from God and your departed loved ones. Gain support on your path towards personal healing, growth, connection, and overall well-being.

1:1 Awakening Coaching

A custom designed 3- 6 month experience that supports the highly intuitive woman heal & further develop her extra-sensory gifts.

Unconditionally Loved Podcast

“You are the light of the world””

Matthew 5:14


“I recently experienced a mediumship reading with Jeanne Street. For starters, simply being in Jeanne’s presence is a profound opportunity in itself. The love that emanates from Jeanne is other-wordly, comforting and unforgettable. She embodies the unconditional, healing, and truth that she channels. Further, the words that came through in our session provided answers that I didn’t even know I was seeking.

I left feeling clear, held, seen and – most importantly and most transformational – loved.”

Founder of Soul Camp Creative + The Connecticut Women’s Club


“Through my experience with Jeanne I learned how to consistently show up for myself. Jeanne gave me the tools to heal old wounds and help me to navigate how I deal with life’s stressors and inevitable ups and downs.She taught me that I was safe to be vulnerable. She also taught me that my innate generosity could be extended to myself as well as others. I especially found value in Jeanne’s unique ability to tap into Spirit for additional guidance, which really sets her apart and strongly guides her work. Jeanne also helped me to understand my own intuitive process and to trust the guidance that came through me.

The work I did with Jeanne was completely catered and personalized to me and had a powerful effect on my life and continues to do so. Jeanne is down to earth and authentic, she is relatable and shares relevant examples from her own life, which I completely appreciate. “

Billie Streets
Awakening Coaching

“Jeanne’s intuitive guidance was awe-inspiring. She tapped into the unseen world and channeled messages that resonated deeply within me. The wisdom and guidance I received from Jeanne have been invaluable and the way she does it, from a place of love, is just beautiful”

Jess Ortner

Unconditionally Loved

Work Your Light

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