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June 5, 2015

Emotions in life
Meet My Molly Dolly, youngest child of her of three siblings. Molly recently graduated high school.
Over her past four years I looked within myself to see how I would feel when this day came. I was not expecting the me I see before you. When my eldest Lauren graduated I spent her entire senior year crying! No lie, just ask any of my family or friends. I was so caught up in the emotions of her leaving that I missed some important moments.
I have had many inquires during the last year as to when I was going to start crying or breaking down with this big life event swooping in to change all our lives. Hmmmm does not crying mean I’m not sad, or that the change in front of me not scary. The answer is no.
The fact that I have shifted from allowing emotions to run me rather than to feel and honor them is the difference. While I am sad that my babies are now all adults, I am happy that I made it out of this Mothering time and role alive and well. I am embracing the whole new Mothering role that stands before me. And FYI Mothering is not for sissies!
Embrace life’s emotions without letting them take over is what I will now teach my children. As a grandmother now I watch and witness the lessons taught become reality.
Shifts in thinking. That is how I have moved and keep moving through these times.
God Bless my Molly as she heads off to her new chapter in life, tears of happiness and joy!
Xx Jeanne

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