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December 10, 2015

Spirits Calling Cards

When you see the intuition and guidance as a gift that is when your life shifts in alignment with God and the understanding of your Souls destiny.

You are an intuitive being, and are not alone. Everyone has the intuitive ability within their being. The gift of intuitiveness is exactly that a gift given to you to help guide you through our life. Intuitive insight is God’s way of reminding you of the unending love that is available at anytime just for you.

Fear can slip in though from others thoughts and belief systems that keep you from fully understanding the gift and use of your gift of intuition. The fear thought that it is against God, or even the work of Evil. Be assured though that it is the FEAR that is the lesser choice. Living with fearful thoughts creates a breading ground for more and more fear to enter in.
The clear difference between a low vibrational thought and a higher healthier vibrational thought is the fear tone within the thought.

Removing the fear thoughts by turning them into a love thought gives way for love thoughts to heal and replace the fear based thinking. When you do this practice of change of thought you are actually doing several things. For starters you heal the fear that keeps you from living in true or pure alignment with God’s Divine flow. You also begin to open your intuitive side with God’s love and allow all that is from God to flow through you. You also shift your energy in a higher healthier way that brings clarity to your life.

When the practice of love thoughts over fear thoughts is put into action we are flowing in the Divine energy flow allowing us to receive from the source.

Receiving symbols, signs and messages from the Divine flow offers us healing in many ways. Confirmation for one is God’s way of reminding you that he is indeed always within your being and in your life. When you receive a confirmation God is answering your concerns and questions. He is clearly offering love to take the place of doubt, worry or other fear based thoughts.

Your loved ones on the other side can offer you guidance as well. Anything that is from God can guide you through your intuition if and when you choose to open it to God.

Symbols and signs are beautiful ways to begin to see and hear the guidance of love and support from the Divine realm. Your loved ones want to support you and remind you of their presence in your life. Although their physical being is not here, they are in fact here in energetic form. Fear again can keep you from seeing this truth. Spirits calling cards are meant to remind you, to awaken your soul in remembering the original love God has for you!

Feeling your loved one around you gives you comfort, this comfort is healing the grief that would otherwise hold you back. Messages, signs and symbols are also healing tones. These healing tones can be your guidance, your forgiveness, your awareness, your connection to the soul self.

When you see the intuition and guidance as a gift that is when your life shifts in alignment with God and the understanding of your Souls destiny.

Some of the common ways Spirits energy will flow to you are:

Electronicsfrom clocks to radios Spirit can speak to you easily through electronics

License platesplates that speak a direct message to you.

Phone Hearing a persons voice who passed, receiving a call from a number of someone who has passed, phone ringing.

WordsSeeing one or a few words on a billboard, paper or mail.

SensesA heightened feeling through any of your senses of a familiarity of your loved one.

ObjectsFinding an object of your loved one, finding the object out of place. Seeing a similar object of your loved one in a store or others space.

These are all common signs your loved one is stopping in to saying hello.

It is my hope and prayer that you find comfort in your own intuition and the messages you receive from Spirit.

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