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December 14, 2015

Spiritual versus religious belief has been a common theme in the sessions and talks I’ve given lately. There seems to be some confusion over what it means to be in alignment with God, higher power or divine life force.And what it means to be religious.

I would like to clarify for you what I have been shown by my Spiritual advisors. First let me start with Spirit, this is the term I use of the energy that I connect with on the “other side”. Spirit encompasses any and all energy that is of and from GOD. Including your loved ones who have crossed over.

God essence lives within you, me and every other living being. The God spark in you is your spiritual connection. Religion is man made. Religion is where you go to honor your belief with other like minded people. No four walls can contain God’s energy. All religions that worship God are right. One belief over another is not what makes or defines you in God’s eyes. Our spirituality on the other hand is what defines us.

Choice of using your spirituality is dependent upon you and you alone. Shutting off your connection leaves you in a lull causing you to feel alone and searching for happiness. Happiness as we know cannot be bought, given or taken. Happiness can be fleeting moments in time or feel nonexistent in your life when your spiritual connection is blocked or closed.

Why is it that searching for happiness can be such a struggle, while others seem to just have it?
Those who know happiness can be uplifting or annoying to those who struggle without it. Again, why is this so? It goes back to spiritual connection. Your spiritual connection is the lifeline to the happiness you have been searching for, the only difference is that with spiritual connection it is sustainable.

As I said earlier the theme of my clients and talks has been over religion lately. People who have turned away from their church for very personal reasons. Shutting off the spiritual connection to God out of anger, confusion, disbelief, distrust, disinterest or any myriad of reasons.

What I see, when faced with what I call “spiritual denial” is a soul who is yearning for answers. A soul that has lost their connection to their higher self or soul self. I see the vibrational energy around the person in a stagnant flow. The energy can have a sparky fiery feel, this tells me that the person has unresolved anger and thus has welcomed that anger into their life. ( what we reflect outward is what we get back) The common thread in these peeps are in their stories. They have turned away from religion for what ever their very good reason was. They are thus feeling the after affects of the spiritual denial. The life seems unfulfilling and or draining. Denying their spiritual hunger for so long that they don’t know that they are in fact seeking that purification you get from being in alignment.

What can you do to reclaim your God spark when you walked away or have no religion. I tell my clients start with a prayer. Prayer opens the heart in a new direction. Faith grows from the heart so it is the perfect place to start. Release your story or separation from the religion. Offer up a forgiveness to release the one thing that stands between you and your God spark.

As your heart opens, faith is restored, love returns and joy settles in. Joy in who you are, joy in the life you lead, joy for all that you have, joy replaces the low vibration. Joy is in the God connection. God connection aligns you to your soul self. (remember…what you reflect out is what you get back)
Joy is the happiness you are searching for.

xx Jeanne

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