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Spiritual Health

January 1, 2016

March 2015 was a happening time in my life. The Angels had guided me through the very cold, way too long winter (as we all in New England won’t soon forget), to finish writing the course work for the Spiritual Healer’s Course. I had spent so much time meditating, writing, praying, and channeling the course while still seeing clients, so needless to say, my body and mind needed a break. So my Hubby and I took a long weekend and flew out to see his Dad in San Diego. A little warmth, sun, and family time was what my body craved in order to rejuvenate. While we were there, the Angels guided me to speak to my Mother-in-law, Olive, about the work I have been doing. They also were showing me that my in-laws were going through some stressful times. I entered the conversation carefully, as I did not want to over step any boundaries with Olive. My father-in-law’s mother kept appearing in front of my face. This began when we first arrived, so I knew she had something important to pass on because she continuously was putting herself in my path. When the time was right, I opened up to Olive and let her know I had some messages for her. Olive and I finally sat down. It was then that I was able to understand why Gammy(my father-in-law’s mother) had been so in my face. She showed me the stressful times that my in-laws were going through. Olive was so open and receptive to Gammy and the Angel’s insights! She embraced all the information that came through with open arms. I was also able to give Olive a reading, as well. Loved ones who she had been separated from for many years came through with loving messages. It was a moving experience for both Olive and myself. Spirit had guided me to take that trip and it turned out to be soothing to the soul and rewarding for all of us. When it was time to go home, Olive and my father-in-law were in harmony again. My hubby and I flew home rejuvenated and ready to take on our busy lives again. Thank you Angels!

I began promoting the course just a few weeks before I kicked it off. The Angels had kept showing me April as the start, so April it was. I had no idea how to promote this course in such little time. But, I have learned time and time again that when I follow the guidance of my Angelic team things seem to just fall into place. So, I said a little prayer offering my worries over and leapt forward with faith. Spirit guided each person who was ready to open and embark on this journey. Some were able to sign up for the first session, while others added their names to the “future dates list”. By the end of March, I had seven committed individuals ready and willing to take this journey. Another big… Thank You Angels!
Seven amazingly talented signed up for Spiritual Healer’s Course. All incredibly talented and gifted in their own unique way. These women have all embarked on a life changing journey that has and will continue to enhance their currant careers. Over the past three months, they have kept up with the homework, reading assignments, and journal exercises. These women have healed, cried, healed some more, opened and learned what it means to be a Spiritual Healer. They have had practical sessions where they learned how to facilitate readings, healing sessions, and more.


xx Jeanne

PS Please contact me regarding the details and information for the up coming session of Spiritual Healers Course starting in April of 2016


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