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The Drama Vortex

January 8, 2016

The Drama Vortex
Energy if you are not aware is what your are made up of and is all around you. Emotions, feelings and personalities for example all exude an energetic vibration. You, being an energetic being can sponge bits of others energetic waste.

Ego plays a role in how your energetic vibration exudes from off of your being. Ego is fear based thinking, that means any thought that keeps fear alive in your being is brought on by Ego. Ego is a low vibrational energy. Love thoughts are of a high vibrational rate. Why this matters to you is that if you are controlled by Ego which most of us have been at one time, then Love has moved to the background and you have taken on more fear than Love.

You are a being of light and love from God. You are born with love as your primary energy, which exudes out of your being. Circumstances of life, of lessons you are here to learn are the how, why and what that has invited Ego in and that has allowed Ego to come forward and thrive as your new thought system

Drama is an action birthed out of a low energetic being. Drama is a fear based thinking brought forth by Ego. Drama’s energy is a vortex that can become a highly addictive behavior. Ego likes this energy because of how it keeps you far from the love thoughts. Drama can grow beyond your recognition as its low vibration becomes the first thoughts that pop into your mind. You become the drama while the real you, the love you, the God light within you fades to the background.

How then can you recognize if you have become Drama. You start with Energy Clearing. Learning how, why and when to clear to shift your energy with an Energy Clearing while protecting yourself from inviting more low vibrational energy is the starting point in removing Drama.

Turning your thoughts from Ego back to Love is done with recognizing Ego voice over Love voice. Opening your heart center to invite love to flow freely is the intent you must make. Compassion then is the action to take and put into practice, this action of compassion is the gateway for love to open the area fear has claimed.

To help you better understand energy and how it affects you, I created this FREE downloadable Psychic How To Guide on Energy Clearing. My FREE guide will be your starting point for understanding your energetic health and well being. You will be able to see and understand your energy and the energy of the space you live / work in. Once you put into practice the art of Energy Clearing your energetic vibration will increase!

I hope that you enjoy my FREE Energy Clearing guide! And please feel free to share it with your family and friends!

xx Jeanne

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