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Seeing is Believing

January 19, 2017

Religious Apparitions and Visions

Throughout time there has been sightings of God and religious figures that appear to man, these visions or apparitions have been documented and passed down through religions. In the Bible for instance there are 17 listings of Angels appearing to man and 11 sightings of God.
There are also known areas that people will pilgrimage every day where religious apparitions and Miracle healers have been seen, work and have been documented as Miraculous. People pilgrimage every day to these Holy places to experience Divine love, to worship, to heal.
For you and I, the everyday people how can we be filled with such love and joy as those who have seen or witnessed these miracles of love firsthand? We can start with faith. Faith opens us to receive both miracles and love.
Some facts that the Angels have taught me about Miracles
The Holy Spirit can be experienced by anyone who aligns with the Miraculous energy.
*Faith opens your energy.
*Miracles happen in alignment with God’s will.
*God does not punish.
*Miracles transform energy and renew alignment to God.
*Forgiveness is a miracle.
I would like to share how the visions of the Holy Mother, Angels and Jesus have enriched and healed me.
My faith was not always strong. I had grown weak and dismissed the connection to faith all because fear became the block that shadowed love. Fear took me on a journey of self doubt, self loathing and self love. It was a lonely, isolated place that fear kept me in. Through a process of cleansing my mind, body and soul that the Angels guided me to do, I could then experience the miracle of love in a very intimate way. By following the guidance with full faith, compassion and self love I could restore and heal the separation from God. Once I was in alignment love faded the fear that kept the vision and truth of my soul hidden. I could see Spirit once again. One Sunday while at mass the Angels appeared on the Altar. This moment is hard for me to describe in words as there are no words that explain the Glory of the Holy Spirit. Seeing was not only confirming the messages and guidance but also healing fear. Love was the miracle that was left in fears place. From that one visitation I was opened to invite love moment by moment. The Angels taught me that fear had to be dealt with moment by moment, and awareness to the tone of fear was a must for love to be invited in.
If you want to know more about my journey, I share it openly with you in my book The Goddess You, so you can identify where fear may block love from you.
Love is available to each of us when we so choose it. Self love, love of others and love of God restores balance and allows for an even flow of love. The heart must flow equally in both giving and receiving love for a healthy balance in our life. When we over give, we  become depleted and tired leaving the body susceptible to anxiety, stress, shortness of breath, viruses and more. When we don’t allow love in and block loves flow we  become bitter, angry, judgmental and can develop health issues that are connected to heart function such as, high blood pressure, angina, heart disease and blood issues such as anemia.
The messages from Spirit guide us to heal what ails us. Through our intuition Spirit speaks to us. The Angels say love is the first step to all healing. Our life situations can be seen as the path for growth and healing when we connect with our intuition. It is through this connection we can see and know through illness,divorce or other life issues where we are out of balance in the body, through stress we can see that love can bring a calm forward and that surrender sets us free from the worry and fear. All challenges big or small are moments to welcome a miracle in.
They say seeing is believing, but I say believing is how you see!
Angels Don’t Lie!
xx Jeanne

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