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The Challenge of Change

August 28, 2017


Have you noticed the warm days of summer seem to be slipping away as the cooler weather sneaks in to remind you that fall will be approaching soon? With any season change you can experience emotions that can send you off balance.

Change is one of most difficult things to manage because of how it challenges your energy. You can become feel emotional with feelings that don’t always make sense.

Maybe you are like me and going through such a time of great shifts and change and aren’t sure how to deal with the all that energy that arises during these times?

What I have found great comfort in is utilizing not only The Goddess You principles but also pairing them with Spiritual guidance, faith and God. I have also found that Divine support is the constant love available, reminding me that with heightened evolving energy comes great soul healing.

Sometimes when you experience challenging times you may feel as if there isn’t anything that can help you through and you end up repeating an old pattern that no longer serves you. Or, maybe you aren’t awaken to how playing the victim in your own life ends up hurting you far greater than the person who caused you the initial pain.

I am acutely  aware of how fragile the body can be during such times of soul transformation. As a Medium connecting to Divine source, I have learned valuable tools that will help you to take precautions to aide not only your physical body but also your mental clarity.

It is important to understand that you are here on earth to do the Soul work you are experiencing. Also, that Soul healing is always at play during these challenging times!

The truth is my Goddess friend while no-one likes doing this type of work it is actually far more rewarding than your mind thinks.

Going it alone never feels good and to be honest with you the fact is everyone wants to be loved and valued, yet we judge what we do not fully understand. The Angels have taught that you and I  are all on the same playing field, with each having pains and sufferings and life lessons to learn.

And, while it sounds so easy not to blame or look back at past events that Shmego guy sneaks in the second your body begins feeling low. He awakens when the energy of the moment signals your body where the memory is being stored.

[bctt tweet=”If the first thing you could do when you experience pain was to open your heart to compassion and surrender the feelings and emotions without following them back in time healing could come forward with ease. ” username=”jeannehealer”]

The Angels say  though you may not believe it you ARE indeed strong enough to look your pain in the eye and learn the valuable lesson/lessons that is being presented to you. Your pain when healed will open the path for you to stand in your authentic soul truths.

Be the brave Goddess you want to be!

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