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Goddess Tips

September 1, 2017

Goddess Tips

Male or Female the Goddess tips are all about you grooving, moving, living with Divine life force energy. The Goddess You is simply referring to the female tone or energy that is LOVE. That means the Goddess You is available to everyone.

Why is this you may wonder? It is because, you have both female and male energies that balance your well-being. The right side of your body being where your feminine Divine flow is. The left side of your body is what makes up your logic side which is the male flow. When in balance you will feel the stability of who you are and comforted by both logic and spirituality. When off-balance there becomes a disruption of either the Divine feminine or the Divine Logical masculine self.

The feminine Spiritual flow depends on your openness and connection to God. Belief, faith, prayer and consciousness are your points to a healthy flow.

[bctt tweet=”When off-balance the connection to your Goddess self closes off or a block is created that prevents the natural flow of Divine love.” username=”jeannehealer”] The connection will become distorted over time when the Spiritual belief is questioned, broken or lost. This occurs when you choose to go it alone without God. This is not about religion, rather a pure belief and faith in God.

The Divine Masculine  Logic flow depends on your openness to learn in connection with God. Again, belief, faith, prayer and consciousness are needed with also a clear intention of connection to love.

When off-balance the connection to Logic becomes out of balance with Divine truth. Ego aka Shmego begins to take up residence in the thought system and fear blocks your connection to Divine Logic. Shmego takes over the thought system which controls the flow of health Divine Masculine Logic, without warning fear swarms your being, and the “I” will search in need for proof or earth-bound theories to satisfy the over active ego. Separation from God, religion and faith are what follows this interruption in energy flow.

How you can maintain your equilibrium of Divine Feminine and Divine Logical Masculine self  involves 3 of the Goddess You principles.

1. Quiet Your Mind: By turning off the constant chatter going on in your daily thoughts you will become mindful of what you are allowing and engaging in. You can illuminate in a quiet mind where love can be seen, heard and felt while also awakening how Shmego’s masculine logic tone has manipulated your thoughts and speaking to you.

2. Self Love: Returning to the self for the love you need and wish for will support your Goddess truths to come forward. You will also begin to live confidently knowing that the Divine Feminine & Masculine love is now your guide rather than that guy Shmego and his fear.

3. Changing Your Reactions: Healing how you react to situations both internal and external will lighten your energy. Choosing compassion in any given moment opens your Feminine Goddess flow.

Now you have the tools to shine your true Goddess self!!


Blessings xx Jeanne

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