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There’s a purpose for each and every one of us

November 13, 2017

Flash back to 2007 when I started my first business, I had my moments of complete trust and of absolute fear. I worked really hard at all aspects of that business especially to build customer trust and a brand that stood for the values and morals that are important to me.

What happens when you pour your heart and soul into something that doesn’t align with your soul purpose, you learn valuable lessons that propel you forward. I’ve learned through surrender that though we may see our actions as a mistake or a wrong doing it is really a magical moment for the soul to experience a miracle moment.

I’ve had so many ah-ha miracle moments since choosing to close my first business, and shifting the focus to my authentic self. I learned that anything of value that comes to us, comes with a great soul healing as well. Closing my first business was painful, not because I felt like a failure but because I felt I was letting others down by doing so. I knew though with every ounce of me that I had to heal my wounds in order to live the truth of who I am now.

Maybe you’re in one of those times that you are struggling with, and wonder if this is really where your supposed to be?


Maybe you’ve had a desire to change jobs or open your own business but don’t have the faith in yourself to do so?

Along my path from switching gears from one type of career to a completely different one, I have had to learn to manage some crazy energy and judgements from people who knew that old version of me. Part of your journey is to learn how to be uniquely you, and to do it within your family and the peeps that surround you. Not an easy thing when fear based thoughts and judgements comes at you from every angle.

There’s a simple strategy that I’ve used for the past 10 years, and you can also use them to get you through any of your challenging times. I call them the Goddess Principles and they are:

  1. Quieting the Mind
  2. Self-Love
  3. Changing Your Reactions
  4. Energy Basics
  5. Healing the Block
  6. Let it Go
  7. Chakra Basics
  8. healthy Wealthy and Wise
  9. Keep Calm
  10. Help, I’ve Lost my Balance
  11. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  12. Intuitive, Gifted You

These 12 Goddess principles are nuggets of Divineness that came from a desire to not listen to the norm, to be the me I knew deep down inside that was fearfully hiding out. Through prayer and meditation the Angels spoke to me with a gentle  guidance that helped me to heal fear and restore self-love.

Who knew self love could be so difficult? I have found this challenge to be true for most of my clients and students. Knowing and seeing that others felt the same pain and separation from Divine truth that I felt, has brought me to a place of gratitude and of service.

My entire life has been about helping others in some capacity or another.

[bctt tweet=”There’s a purpose for each and every one of us” username=”jeannehealer”] There’s a purpose for each and every one of us. I found that in being true to my soul-self and sharing my gifts is my “why” for creating Goddess Youniversity. The mission behind the Members Club is to help you SHINE and heal the things that block your beautiful light.

I’ve opened up the enrollment to the Goddess Youniversity Members Club until December 1st… so you can start:

* Learning how to live your best life

* Grow in ways you never thought imaginable

* Heal the things that no longer serve you

There are three categories of amazing offerings for you to choose from inside the Members Club

* Inspired Master Classes to spark your intuition

* Invest Master Classes that speak to your soul-self

* Shine Master Classes to share your gifts with the world

This will not only be a place to learn and heal, your spirituality will also be magnified, while getting the support to help you keep growing.That’s not all… there are member extras, gatherings, Goddess socials and a fabulous gift package sent right to your door!

This is everything you need to live in your true soul-alignment!

You can get all of this for only$9.99 a month! 

I’ve made this offer so low and will close the door on December 1st, so that I and my team can give each Member time, energy and love while offering support and help they desire.

Every month there will be brand new content added to the Members Club, making it an ever evolving and growing Youniversity! Your dreams and desires are worth every ounce of time and energy you put forth.

Be the best version of you,

BE The Goddess You!!! 


xx Jeanne



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