2018! Respect, Self-Sabotage, Callers ask about their journey and Quotes

Respect!  Jeanne is recharged and fired up for 2018 and RESPECT is the word tonight.  Respect – deep admiration.  Jeanne explains the important role respect plays in your alignment and overall well being.  When respect goes backwards we can get angry with ourselves, find ways to self-sabotage.  Jeanne reminds us to stop, take the deep breath, be with your body.  She encourages us to tell yourself something positive each day.  Quotes!  Jeanne has some quotes to carry with us for 2018 and you don’t want to miss them.

Callers! Theme tonight – journey.  Am I on the right path?  Chris calls to talk about her transition from a job; Jen is having a tough time with the passing of her father a year ago on New Year’s Eve; Jillian gives us an update on her journey and the progress she has made and Jeanne tells her what spirit is showing; Trish calls in looking for information about her journey and her move to another state.

Nutritional tip – Jeanne shares her vegan ricotta recipe!  Don’t miss it!!

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