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Throwing the towel in your dreams

January 18, 2018

Truth unveiling time… I almost threw the towel in on my dreams. 

Maybe you have felt like this too?

As 2017 came to a close I was exhausted from the time and efforts that I’ve poured into building this unique spiritual business I was considering walking away from some aspects of it.

I’ve come to the realization  (with a little help from the Angels:) that to keep my dreams alive I have to take time to just be still. The guidance I received was something we can all take part in it is the tool of journaling! The Angels say to list your dreams and desires then list the things you are doing to reach them. What we are scattered in our thoughts and our day the goals we want to achieve seem so much further away then the actually are!

Keeping still long enough to really be within my dreams is not an easy thing for this high energy gal to do! But I gave it a whirl and this is what I found…

Here is a look at just some of what I’ve accomplished over the course of seven years:

*Shared thousands of messages from your loved ones and Divine guidance with you.

*Written and published two books, The Goddess You & The Goddess Journal.

*Created & wrote The Goddess oracle card deck.

*Built three beautiful websites,, &



*Created, written and taught workshops and classes.

*Connected you to your loved ones on my weekly radio show Angels Don’t Lie.

*Opened a healing studio in Woodbury Ct, Inspirit Healing Studio.

*And… I am just about ready to submit my third manuscript to the editor, titled Angels Don’t Lie!

Through all of this I have aligned with my Goddess truths with God through prayer and meditation to stay true to my life’s purpose and passion.

Now that I am on the other side of the throwing the towel in I’ve found great comfort with the tools and guidance the Angels shared with me and that my friend this is what I aspire to help you to do as well, to be on the hopeful side rather than in the yuck!

To  align to your unique soul truths, follow your passions, live your dreams, connect with your desires and most importantly of all to heal the pains that enslave you to an existence of unsettledness.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though, it’s not always been easy for me to know how to heal the blocks in my personal or in my business life.

I’ve tried to follow other business owners methods, taken online courses and studied platform building with some leading peeps in the industry.

Maybe you’ve also tried following others leads and have been left feeling frustrated or alone?!

What I have found from following another’s take on business is though those “proven methods” have worked for them & maybe others as well, they do not work for me. If you are thinking why is that? Let me explain…

The answer  came to me during a meditation where I was shown by Spirit that when it comes to building a Spiritually aligned life or business those “tested” & “proven” methods will not take root for everyone because they are not aligned with the truth of your personal Goddess path or within Gods Divine timing.You have to learn to decipher which ideas, and methods are meant for your life. This is where you have to be rocking your intuitive connection, to embrace or to let go!

What I do know for sure is that we are each special and beautiful in our own light.

I am definitely a different gal who’s work as Medium, Healer and Author requires times of rest, mediating and a clear mind set to follow the path and goals to be of service to God & others in a unique way.

You are also a soul who needs rest and time away from all the chaos so you can have a clarity and calm to align to your intuitive self.

Hey lets keep it real here, there are still times that I loose my balance and become weak in the knees when fear sneaks in. Yet it is also true that I am confident in the ability to re-align to my Goddess truths, all because of the beautiful Goddess principles the Angels shared with us!

I don’t know if you have put any of the Goddess  principles into practice in your life yet, but I wonder if you would for the sake of your well-being & for love?

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I want you to be inspired and awaken to YOUR Goddess truths and shine your beautiful soul-self outward with pure confidence!


xx Jeanne

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