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The Guru Trap

April 20, 2018

Have you lost sight of who you are and what makes you unique?

You are not alone….

Let me take you back in time, to the mid 80’s, I was a 20-year-old gal who was newly married and had just given my birth to my first baby.

                                               This is me in 1987 just after giving birth to our second baby!



I would spend hours upon hours rocking, walking, and swaddling my newborn very colicky baby girl… well into the wee hours of the morning.

I’m sure that you have similar memories and have also searched for answers to calm your stress, fears and worries.

My search came out of pure desperation for some sleep I began reading self-help books focusing on parenting.

By the time my second baby was born I had a trusted library filled with advice and how to’s. This was a personal sacred place where I found peace and comfort from knowing the authors of these books were my personal advisors the best part was that they were close by and within my reach.

One book in particular during this time became my young mama handbook, “Baby and Child Care” by Dr. Spock. I felt an immense sense of relief when I would find the answers to my questions within the pages.

I not only admired Dr Spock and his teachings I also respected the collection of guidance and support from the books that found their way into my library. Each one helped me to gain confidence and clarity.

What I now know is that these books came as a pathway to illuminate my journey as a mother, a wife and into becoming an author.

God is always guiding each of us in a loving and gentle way.

Over the years my guru list grew and changed and how I connected to them also shifted.

Today we have instant access and a simple click on our key pad that connects us to the knowledge we desire.

The problem with this instant connection is we become overloaded with information that isn’t necessarily meant for our personal growth.

God has provided us with free will, it is through our choices we either move in alignment with what’s best for our personal well-being or we get stuck following a system, a method or advice that does not align to our souls journey.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the white noise coming at you?

I can say that I have totally fallen into this energy and I call it the guru trap.

The guru trap is where we get a valuable tip or connection to an energy we feel our life may be lacking.

Once we align with this energy, we are off and running with our new found guru. Identifying with their story leads us to wanting to shift and change our life, which is not the bad part. The problem begins when we invite into our life someone else’s method, ideals or dreams as our own.

That is when you not in aliment with your Goddess truths.

Who have you felt a connection to as your “guru”?

For me, when I was not in alignment with my Goddess self, I was wanting and trying merge with energies that were not meant for me.

What happened to me is what happens to all of us who get lost in the flow of others energy and are left feeling really crappy and unsupported by God.

The unsupported we feel is an illusion.

The Angels tell me that once we are deceived by this lower form of energy it creates the feelings of lack.

It is from a lack point of view that your daily thoughts of having or being less then are rampant. This is energy that forms a barrier or block in your life that prevents love from being seen and felt.

[bctt tweet=”The reality is when you force energy, meaning trying to make your life happen the way you want it to be, you are actually disconnected from your beautiful, unique Goddess self. ” username=”jeannehealer”]

By staying in the flow of this energy you end up disconnecting from the flow of Divine love energy that is actually meant for you!

How can you begin to identify with the love God is sharing with you is by becoming fully aware of your intuition. This may seem simple, but it is actually one of the most challenging things I see my clients struggle with.

Over the years of sharing messages and Spirits guidance the one stand out life changing tone that comes forward from Heaven is the need for you care for yourself and to love you!

You don’t need another quick fix, self help book or someone else’s methods to feel good, you need to love you, and to trust your intuition.

To reconnect to your intuitive guidance with the 3 Love Sparks:

1. Surrender. Let go of control of what you believe you need and let love lead you to true abundance.

2. Gratitude. Remembering what you do have is far more rewarding and productive than thinking of the lack.

3. Love. Love you first, the rest will fall into place.

Maybe your ready for change but aren’t sue of how to go about i?

I can help you with this!

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During your initial call I will answer your questions and share how the Transformational Session will connect your dreams to your goals while illuminating your beautiful authentic self.

The best part is this is no strings attached call. If what I share with you does not resonate there is no obligation!

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xx Jeanne


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