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15 Things You Do When You’re An Empath

May 24, 2018

15 things you do when you’re an empath

[lightbox title=”LightboxTitle” url=”PageURL” width=”900″ height=”500″][bctt tweet=”An empath is someone who can tune into the emotional energy of a person or an animal. Many people go through their lives dealing with heightened senses, intuition, emotions, and feelings, never realizing that they are empaths. If you do all or most of these things, you are most likely an empath.” username=”jeannehealer”][/lightbox]


♥ 1.If you ask someone how they are feeling but you already know…

An empath can read others emotions, immediately understanding how they are feeling and understanding that person’s energy.

♥ 2. If your quiet time is more important than partying…

Being surrounded by others can be great, until your senses are heightened and all you want to do is curl up in bed with a book.

♥ 3. If you put the I in introvert…

Or if you simply skip the party and stay in bed with your book no matter what.

♥ 4.If your sensitivities get the best of you…

A dog came up to you? Cry.

♥ 5.If you prefer to be around animals rather than humans…

When your conversations with your animals are better than you’ve ever had with a person.

♥ 6. If you are sensitive to chemicals, alcohol and caffeine…

When you drink a cup of coffee and it feels like you’re on crack, even if you have no idea what crack is.

♥ 7. If you value your crystals more than diamonds…

Do your crystals have their own windowsill?

♥ 8. If you hear plants singing to you…

If you feel like you fell down the rabbit hole everytime you walk outside.

♥ 9. If you feel the judgements of others, like knives in your back…

Everyone must like you, and if they don’t it immediately affects how you view yourself.

♥ 10. If you’re a people pleasing Polly…

Everyone must be happy for you to be happy.

♥ 11. If you become overstimulated or overwhelmed easily…

A crowd of people? My head hurts.

♥ 12. If you can read people like a crystal ball…

“Hey Linda i’m getting a sense that you need some chocolate, everything okay?”

♥ 13. If you can walk by a stranger and sense danger…

A bad aura? Stranger danger on a whole new level.

♥ 14. If you walk around feeling like an open wound…

Everything hurts, and you just want to cry.

♥ 15. If you have visions or dreams of the future…

Screw deja vu I know exactly how tomorrow’s going to go.

I know how difficult it can be to navigate your day as an empath, that is why I created a site full of resources and tools to help you live your best life!

Decoding the Empath: Clairempathy: Known also as an Empath, this is the gift of clear knowing and emotion. Your senses, intuition, emotions and feeling are heightened. With the gift of being an Empath you will have one or more heightened senses. It is through these heightened senses that the energy will flow inside your body and you will experience physically what the other person is experiencing.

An Empath has a physical connection to others on an internal level. All empaths are also sensitive souls. When the gift of clairempathy is off balance, you will experience heightened emotions, manipulation, uncontrollable mood swings, and may even experience depression and/or anxiety.


So if you can relate to any and all of these things, you are most likely an empath. Going through each day with a physical connection to others on an internal level can be draining. Take our complimentary empath test

Take our complimentary empath test  to find out whether or not you are truly an empath, and further your knowledge with Jeanne Street’s Empath Master Class at Goddess Youniversity

I would love to hear how your sensitive side challenges you…  leave your comment or questions  in the comment section! 
I hope this information shines some light on how you can manage your energy.
If you know someone who could use the information caring is sharing!
Blessings xx

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