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You Get To Choose

June 19, 2018


You Get To Choose 

Right or wrong, sad or not emotions are triggered from feelings of past. Meaningless chatter connecting the dots, leads to an abyss of the days of past.

Nothing’s forgotten.
Happiness recedes like the waves that dance upon the shore, fleeting away… now your balance is gone.

Joy retreats as sadness comes forth, beginning the play of memory recall.
Some truth, some not, forgotten fragments of days of past.

One trigger, one word, one moment in time and in instant your thrown backwards in time.

Years of past forgotten pain awaken in your body, it’s as if they’ve been reborn.

The “you work” you’ve done to let it all go crumbles apart the instant he shows …
Shmego that fear guy comes in twisting your views.

What you do now depends on you.

 Bury the pain down?

Listen to the mind chatter of those past stories ?

Will you fall victim to fear ruling your thoughts and day?…

Can you see yourself rather surrounded by love ?

Letting them go, one by one.

Hold still my dear, don’t fear, this too shall pass.

They were only your worries of days of past.

Love has you now.

 The moment just passed. Be still in this moment and your calm will last.

Choosing to surrender the those memories of old.

Healing the thoughts will make you whole.

Forgiving the past time and again remembering Love’s promise “I’ve got your back”.

The road seems long unending at times. Your old wounds haunting you as days go by.

Keep your focus on God your faith will renew and the chains that once bound you no longer do.

Stop drop and pray.
 You get to choose.
Moment by moment.

Love over fear, your choice will be clear.

  Dear One healing is here.

xx Jeanne
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