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The Truth About Healing & Forgiveness

August 13, 2018

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The Truth About Healing & Forgiveness

The One Way You Can Set Yourself Free


We’ve all lost a loved one. But the sad fact is that sometimes people die before we get a chance to resolve any issues we have with them.

Maybe you wanted to say sorry or wanted them to say sorry to you. Maybe you wanted them to know how much you loved them. That you did love them at all. Maybe you wanted to tell them that you forgive them.

When things went unsaid here on earth, it can make grief and healing so much more difficult.

But what happens when a person dies? Do they take their pain with them? Are they still angry at you from the other side? Do they still need to hear your apology?

In this video, I’ll talk you through how these emotions are processed when a soul crosses over, and how you can come to terms with any unfinished business you may have.

The 2 hardest things in life are, firstly, to apologise, and secondly, to forgive. That’s crazy, right?

Do you have muscle tightness? Are you holding onto energy? Are you sick all the time? Are you angry all the time? These are tell-tale signs that you are need of forgiveness – either of yourself, of another, or for an event in your life.

I’ve created a little downloadable guide to help you take some steps towards reaching forgiveness. This is work you will need to do if you want to find that balance.

I’ve been there, and I know it’s not easy. I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it, and I’ve experienced holding onto my own pain until it no longer served me. But going to forgiveness will set you free. It will put you on the path to healing. Because healing & forgiving go hand in hand.

Enjoy the video below, and please be sure to share your experiences with me in the comments section below!

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