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What Do The Dead Want You To Know?

August 13, 2018

You may be surprised to hear that talking to the departed is the easy part of what I do!


Delivering messages is both fun and insightful when the person receiving them is open and ready to hear from Spirit.

The tricky part is feeling the pain that comes from the trauma or life experience of both the living and the departed.


This is where we are reminded of our human condition, and our connection to fear can rise. In truth, the departed no longer suffer from these earthly fears. They show up purified and full of love – ready and willing to support their loved ones to heal and move forward.

For me, it’s the emotional connection where true transformation happens.  


This is the moment when the person I am reading responds to this higher wisdom and love. Healing only happens when we are open and ready. Not a minute sooner. The departed want us to forgive, for in forgiving we are set free from a burden. They want us to have compassion, for in this softened state we can truly see another’s pain.

 A Father’s Message

In one of my recent group readings, a father of an audience member stepped forward through the heavenly veil. He stood behind his daughter’s left shoulder and told me that he was not the father he should have been to his daughter in life.


He reflected on his many shortcomings, and how beautiful and bright his daughter is. His honesty and love were the tones she needed to hear. Validating her pain was why he came, and his most important message was for her to forgive.


This father’s message is among the thousands I’ve received on the importance of forgiveness. True forgiveness is freeing and healing for our soul. And, though sometimes we may find ourselves having to forgive the same act again and again, each and every time we forgive, we heal another layer of our own pain.

By surrendering to love, we receive a more fulfilled, joyful life.

The fact is, none of us are getting out of here alive – we came here to die. You need to live your best life now. You need to love, share that love and express that love.


I’ve created a video where I share with you what I’ve learned from my conversations with those who have passed over – and exactly what it is that they want you to know.


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Go forward and be the best version of you.


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