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The Goddess You Toolkit

September 10, 2018

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The Resources You Need to Live Your Best Life


There are a few tools that a Goddess Gal needs in her toolkit to ensure she stays happy, calm, Goddess-like and able to live her best life:


-Self Love (this is, without a doubt, your number one tool!)

– A God-based healer 

– Meditation

– A ‘gratitude attitude’

– Listening to music you love

– A creative outlet


– Herbal teas

– Essential oils


All of the above will help you to connect with your higher soul self. By including these things in your life, you’re creating a sacred space (emotional and physical) to connect with yourself and with others – a basic human need.


If you slow down the pace of your life and make time to practice, for example, the ancient arts of meditation and gratitude, then you’ll empower yourself and give yourself a sense of safety, which is so important for good mental health, no matter your circumstances.


Looking after your internal world will enhance your external world and relationships.


The power of each of these tools is, of course, enhanced if you double down and use them together!


For example, while you’re doing your daily meditation and gratitude practices, you’ll have a more powerful experience if you diffuse an essential oil in your space and sip a herbal tea.


This is because herbal teas can help you to open your connection to the Divine. They not only have a healing effect on the body, but they also have the effect to create this energy around your chakras, to allow that intuitive voice to come through nice and clear. So the shift of the energy is quite amazing when we practice using those herbal teas!


Essential oils are also a beautiful way to open up your senses and your connection with Spirit because of the aroma effect they have on your body.


In this video, I’ll share with you my favorite teas and essentials oils and show you how you can use them in your life!


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Enjoy the video, and please be sure to share your experiences with me in the comments section below!


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