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Nine Days To Healing Your Separation From Love

November 4, 2018

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How To Connect To Your Abundance


Nine Days To Healing Your Separation From Love


In life, we all have experiences and challenges to go through. We can become trapped from the fear and sadness that these situations cause, and our inner turmoil begins to affect our outer world.


We are all searching for abundance, but we end up depleted and separated from that which we seek.


To connect to abundance, we need to become more aware – to recognise the pain we are holding on to that is no longer serving us. We need a willingness to do the “you work”. This frees us from the negative energy that holds us back.


 What is a novena?

A novena is a prayer or meditation practised over nine consecutive days.


 Holy Mary Undoer Of Knots

I’d like to share with you a particularly beautiful devotional novena, the Holy Mary Undoer Of Knots Novena prayer.


Inspired by the painting by artist Johann Georg Schmidtner, called ‘Mary Undoer of Knots with great Grace’, by connecting with this novena, we can begin to lessen the burdens of our life and work through one knot – pain – at a time. We are opening up to release and inviting love into our lives.


The knots in our life are suffering – turmoil, trauma, bad relationships, anguish, stresses, even sin – any and all separation from love. It’s the things that are holding us back from pure joy.


The Holy Mother is willing and loving and ready to hold your life and help you through unknotting that pain. She is ready to hold you and validate your pain so that once again you can be where love wants you to be.


In the painting, we see the Holy Mother holding a ribbon, and She holds the ribbon as She holds us – with love, compassion and grace. We are held in her heavenly hands as we transcend that pain and our personal knots are undone.


This novena the perfect addition to your daily spiritual practice, and by saying the novena you can connect to your abundance and begin to heal the pain you carry within and that no longer serves you. It is an unlimited hope that we place in her hands.


I hope you find refuge and love within this novena.


To find out how to practice this beautiful novena, and to access the prayers and download the accompanying workbook which will help you to make the most of this experience and reconnect with your abundance, click HERE.


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