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Your Spiritual Journey

December 14, 2018

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Your Spiritual Journey

How to deepen your faith and become the best version of you.

Our spiritual journey is such a personal one. Hey listen, I’m Catholic girl who can see and talk to dead people, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard comments about how easy it must be for me to be spiritually connected.


The truth is, I’m just a regular human having a human experience like you. The only difference is I meditate  because it keeps me sane, I eat healthy otherwise my stomach acts up in ways that aren’t pretty to talk about, and I pray, like, all the time!!


This. Is. My. Choice.


Spirituality is not something that can be measured or compared with others. No. No. No. We are each on our own personal journey, and our goals are individual and unique, just as our gifts and talents are.


The fact is, aligning with our spiritual truths and path are done at the rate that works for us. If we choose to open ourselves to a higher perspective, learning new skills and such, then we grow. If we choose shopping or binge-watch the next Netflix series, then we stay the same.


It’s your choice.


Our spiritual growth comes from our dedication to ourselves and in doing our “you work”. But when it comes to deepening our faith, we must take the time to invest in it, or we will end up feeling lost within our lives. That is a fact, my friend.


So, if you want the spiritual Goddess Soul-Self side of you to be awakened, invite and make time for your Goddess Self to be in your life, love her – and in return, she will inspire you to be the best version of you!

 What exactly is faith?

This is another question I am asked – a lot! Faith is our belief in higher power a.k.a. God, Divine, Source or the Universe. Faith is believing that God exists without seeing. It is a knowing that there is a Holy truth and wisdom, an undeniable force of love willing to guide you and hold you. Faith offers each of us gifts to embrace in our daily lives, and these gifts are hope, love, joy, wisdom and guidance.

Faith is the richness of our lives. Without faith, we suffer in different ways such as we have little to no hope. We feel despair, loneliness and isolation.

Faith is the foundation for our spiritual life and growth. To deepen our faith means we are aligning to love. This is a calling that enriches our lives, opening us to new experiences, to meeting new people, to taking inspiring classes, to read awesome books, join a new religious service, take a Bible study course, attend meditation or yoga classes, and so many more encounters that our soul is craving to know, learn and grow closer to God.

To deepen our faith means that we are committed to our spiritual practice, we are willing to align with love and believe in miracles. Our faith is our hope. It is our guidepost to our true spiritual self – our Goddess Soul-Self!

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