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Brave Out The Pain

February 23, 2019

Brave out the pain blog gaphic

It’s your time to shine! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Over the years, I’ve seen so many clients who have felt and carried shame from a trauma they’ve experienced in their life.


Exposing shame is difficult because we hold our pain closely.

Not because we haven’t forgiven the person that hurt us, rather because our feelings and emotions are jumbled in a knot.

Releasing trauma is really hard on many levels, one being because we don’t want to feel bad anymore so we don’t work through or heal our pain from the experience fully. Here is what I’ve come to see as truth from the years working with Spirit and people with trauma.


Trauma has a story to tell, and that story is one’s truth.


When the truth of pain is denied, pushed down or away for the sake of feeling better, forgetting or stuffing it away for later, we are essentially denying ourselves love. When we don’t address our truth of what happened either with another person or by writing it out in our journal, we are disconnecting with our truth. We then end up with not feeling safe to feel and don’t trust our emotions. We protect the pain, bury it within, protecting ourselves and even others from seeing it. On some level, we believe we are saving our loved ones from having to deal with our messy past.


By not letting our loved ones see our pain for whatever the reason fear has us believing we are holding our pain in a state of perpetual life.

For most, people forgive the person who caused the pain and trauma while not forgiving themselves. They carry within them energy that claims space in their body which then ultimately ends up negatively impacting their life.

But there is hope, it’s a calling for us to brave out the pain to release it from the safety within. Being brave and vulnerable, we will actually start to feel safe because we realize it isn’t the situation, story or pain that protects us, it’s our own inner power that does. It is in this uncertain moment of being exposed and uncomfortable that the authenticity of who we are can begin to shine brightly.


Love embraces all of our brokenness. With faithful steadiness and security, it supports us to withstand any fearful moment.

To get to this point, we must be willing to change how we see our pain. We have to be ready to spend the time needed to gaze within and give value to whatever our reflection is waiting to teach us.

This is when our greatness will rise to the surface, out of the ashes of our pain.


It’s your time to brave out your pain and Shine!


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