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You are extraordinary!

March 2, 2019

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You Are Extraordinary!


We’ve all been at a crossroads in our life when we are challenged with making a decision. We will stress, over complicate and worry about the choice we have to make. We even look to others for guidance or reassurance for comfort.

There are even times when we avoid the crossroad all together to avert the confusing feelings and emotions that come with making a change.

It’s true that the crossroad being presented to us at this moment is here for a reason. The challenge at hand is trying to teach us of a valuable soul lesson. Our souls objective in this life is to have all types of experiences that assist our soul growth.

The challenging part is looking at the change calling us with an open heart and mindset. To be willing to learn from our past and look at how we can lean into our faith and love.

I’m not a fan of looking backwards, but for us to understand what lessons our soul has come to learn we must look at our past and to decipher our hidden triggers and know how our beliefs create a structure where love isn’t leading us rather our fears are.


I know this work is not easy, but it is well worth the value of getting to know ourselves more intimately and to live the extraordinary life we are meant to live!


Change presents itself in ways that are hard for us to navigate through. It can knock our socks off with a blow to our ego and create self-deflating inner turmoil. How can we rise to our own occasion when we have been beaten down by life? How can we handle one more thing when we have little energy to give? How can God keep giving us more than we can handle?

The answers to these questions are that God isn’t asking us to go this alone, not at all. Rather He is saying count on me, come to me with your worries, hardships, fears and desires.


Faith will hold us as long as we hold the faith.


Just like you, I’ve had my fair share of crossroads I’ve avoided, life struggles I’ve experienced and many blessings to be grateful for.

Over the past month, my business has experienced some unsettling times. The crossroads I am currently at is big with many options and what could be seen as a loss. The house where my office and healing studio is located has been sold. And now, I have to decide if I will move the studio and continue down the same path or if I will relocate my office and let the studio portion of my business go. This is not an easy choice for many reasons. Foremost is about my clients and those who have come to this incredible space to heal. Where I have followed Spirit’s guidance to build a space that those who work here along with me hold sacred space filled with love, support, and guidance. We have nurtured our clients during their most painful life experiences.

What I am talking about are life events such as grief after losing a child, suffering with a terminal illness, living with chronic pain, dealing with a painful divorce, loss of a spouse, living with trauma, abusive relationships and more.

I made this video of the building of a dream…




Building a dream requires us to have courage to believe in the unseen. To tune out the opinions of what others think.

For me, I am at a place of surrender now, allowing Jesus to take the wheel while I let go of all the what if’s that are running through my mind.


We are each capable of reaching our dreams. My secret is something we can all do and that is to count on God and stand confidently in trusting our intuition.

I follow Spirits guidance when making these big scary choices and I lean into love to flow through my day. It’s not easy, but absolutely doable. People will say things because or their own fears, like “it’s easy for you” or “you have money” so on. The truth is those are ugly untruths. We never know God’s plan for another person.

How I am proceeding, is the same way I guide clients by taking the time and energy to invest in caring and loving myself. To have faith in the new doors being opened. As well I know that I’ve transformed the house with the time and energy to heal it along with the business downstairs into a loving dwelling. The house can now become something more…  God has plans we can’t see 🙂

I will tell you this experience is meant for me to go through and it will bring valuable lessons  for my soul growth. What I can tell you for certain is the studio was a dream come to life, that’s a celebration!

The truth for every living soul is that love is and always has been available to us.


Our lessons are hard, the experiences we go through are even harder yet when we allow love to guide us we experience more love as our soul grows. We are meant to evolve not to stay the same!


The energy that goes into following a dream and creating an extraordinary life is available to each and every one of us. It is not meant for others…no, no, NO! Dreams are our personal destinations, we just have to align to our truth and work for them to come to fruition.


We can all shine, it’s just a matter of if you’re brave enough?


“You’ve had the power all along my dear”! ~ Glinda the good witch

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