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Receiving Spirit’s Guidance

March 13, 2019

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In my line of work of being a medium, I not only connect people to their departed loved one’s, I also connect them with detailed guidance that helps them to make positive shifts in their lives. Did you know that receiving Spirit’s guidance is a miracle moment where Divine love is being shared with us?

Each session offers an invaluable healing and loving insights that are shed on areas of our lives where love isn’t flowing freely. We all have “things” in our lives to heal so we can have more experiences that will help us to grow while and evolve closer to God and our highest soul-self.

7 Ways Spirit’s Guidance Can Help Us

On April 13th I am co-hosting SHINE a personal empowerment seminar for women. During this event I will be sharing Spirit’s guidance to attendee’s. This seminar is like no-other personal empowerment conference available! The core of this seminar is the personalized guidance from Spirit woven with interactive activities that have a profound effect for opening our mindset and making our dreams a reality.

Because of the uniqueness and intimate setting there are limited seats available.

Fear will feed us doubt and worry. Don’t let these tones scare you away from choosing to grow. Take a leap of faith to stand confidently in your decision to bloom and grow!

How does Spirit connection work?

When I say Spirit, I am meaning energy of Heavenly beings, God, departed souls and celestial beings.

How I read: I am a God base Medium which means that I am opening my senses to connect with God and the Heavenly realm. Through my senses energy is flowing through me and I am interpreting the tones I am receiving. I also have the ability to see Spirit before me and within my minds eye.

Readings are a beautiful way in which God shares wisdom, guidance and blessings with us.

Leave a comment and let me know how a reading would transform your life.

Learn how to Connect to Heaven with my God-Based method.


In Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie, I showcase how you are a magical soul, capable of living a love filled life with Angelic guidance.
SOUL SHINE is a group Angel Coaching experience where I will channel healing and messages from the Heavenly realm to support you with up-leveling and energizing your life.


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