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Respect Your Superpower

March 22, 2019

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Are your ‘have to’s” depleting you?

We don’t need to be a superhero to have superpowers! Women empowerment is on the rise and this is the perfect time to align with our highest self, our Goddess self. The Goddess self is our soul connection to the Divine. We are infinite beings of love. Our connection to Divine wisdom and truth lies within our physical body, and is known to us as intuition.


Intuition is where we receive Divine wisdom, and a higher consciousness from God. Our bodies interpret the loving energy through our senses. Our intuition can guide us, answer our looming questions and receive love and energy from our departed loved ones. Our intuitive connection is beyond beautiful. But the only problem is, that we too often forget to turn to it or trust it.


Here’s why;


  1. We have resistance. Resistance is the feeling that we come across when we are second guessing, doubting or even neglecting our innate wisdom. We all have the ability to tap into our higher consciousness. The problem is that we don’t always trust the process or take the time necessary to engage our feelings and listen to our bodies. We look outwardly for our answers rather than respecting our own intuition.


  1. We lack respect. Respect is a big word for a lot of women because they believe that they already do respect themselves. Here’s what I’ve found over the last decade working with thousands of women: they put themselves last, they second guess their judgement, they feel guilty most of the time, they shame themselves for a variety of reasons and they talk smack to themselves. They listen to that inner critic, or what I like to call the “bitchy bully”, instead of connecting to and listening to their divinely sourced intuition. Does that sound like a woman respecting herself?



Angel Truth Nugget; when we were born we came to this life as a perfect being of love.


Somewhere along our life’s adventure we came across opinions and conditioning from the people in our life. These people taught us through their words and actions, which were formed from their own conditioning turned belief system, how to treat ourselves, how to talk to ourselves and how to or not to trust ourselves. We learned things like: it’s okay not to  trust our intuition, we aren’t safe in making a decision on our own, we should feel guilty if we don’t put others first.


When we don’t learn how to be with our feelings we are lost in what our feelings are trying to show us. Some feelings can be uncomfortable or downright painful, it’s no wonder why we often choose to push them down and rush through them to get busy or return to a good feeling. The problem with handling our feelings in this way is that it doesn’t allow for the healing to take place and for the lasting forward motion to carry us toward the lives we truly desire. Slowing down, paying attention to the feelings that arise and asking them what they are trying to show us allows the space for our intuition to show up and guide us in the direction of our highest and best.


It is best for us to do this alone or with a therapist, advisor or healer. Be aware that although our first instinct may be to talk it out with a trusted loved one, that can add unhealthy drama to the mix. The truth is we are the only one who knows what’s best for us. Our trusted loved one may want to fix our problems and make us feel better but our healing comes from within not from the opinions or judgements that can come forth from us sharing our stories.



If we take the time to do our “you work” first and still feel like we want or need to talk it out with a loved one, we will then be in a place of receiving from them valuable validation and insight that will support our desires to heal the past, see the blessings in the present and walk in alignment with our truest Goddess self into our future.


I too love to talk it out with my peeps, but I have learned now to wait to reach out and make that call until after I have done the work with my internal Divine wisdom and Angels. This benefits everyone involved, and avoids any unnecessary added drama.


The amazing truth to remember is that we are offered a do over each day we are alive. Living fully present and aware moment by moment is easy when we align with love.


If you notice feelings of being deflated, unworthy, unsure, anxious or depleted…. If you have fallen off your healthy routine… …If you are trudging through your days without joy… Girl sit down and do my respect meditation.


Respect Meditation:

Begin by placing your hands on your solar plexus.


Start your cycle breath, inhale through your nose for a count of 5, exhale out your mouth for a count of 5.


Fill your belly allowing it to rise and fall.


Feel the palms of your hands on your body connecting with your internal truths.


Repeat this mantra 3 times… I trust and respect myself, I am a clear channel of God’s Divine wisdom and love.


Sit for a moment then ask yourself a question.


Stay in this calm state while allowing your senses to engage with your breath.

Your answer rises to the surface.


Slowly move your fingers, toes and body then open your eyes.


Share your impressions in your journal.

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The next time you are doubting your intuition and feelings try these 5 steps

~ Talk to your feelings, by sitting down with your journal and asking “What is this feeling trying to tell me?”

~ Honor your emotions with a prayer for healing.

~ Cry it out. Crying is a way we release energy.

~ Hug yourself. Holding yourself with love while not denying your feelings or emotions.

~ Write yourself a letter describing your feelings and emotions, then answer yourself back.


Don’t wait for the right day or year to feel better or to claim your happiness. Stop believing that your “have to’s” are more important than living how God intended you to live. Respect your truths, respect your intuitive guidance and appreciate your Goddess self and in turn you will be teaching others how to respect you!  


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