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Dealing With Life Challenges

June 4, 2019

dealing with life challenges

Your Spiritual Lessons

Our life is filled with challenges. These challenges break down into lessons we are here to learn as well as we have soul missions to complete. None of these experiences are easy peasy. They require us to choose how we will approach and deal with each challenge.


What do I mean by we get to choose?


You see, we have been gifted free will. It is through our free will we get to choose how we live.


Our life is a projection of our inner state of being.


If we are in alignment with our God-self AKA Goddess self that means we are choosing to move with love. Our projection will be of the highest vibration. And while we are in that state of being we approach our challenges and lessons from the point of view of love.


This love view takes time and awareness to create a healthy pattern or a new habit in how we work through our challenges. The first step or as I refer to it in my book The Goddess You principle one Quiet Our Mind is to learn how to reframe our thoughts, understand the role of fear and heal our internal dialog, we do this by learning to Quiet Our Mind.


The second principle is Self Love. Knowing our pain points are very real. The trauma’s we’ve gone through, the hardships and repeated experiences wear us down. We lose sight of love, feel alone and burdened by pain. This is when fear sneaks in, and by fear I do mean the evil that lives on earth.


Fears job is straight forward it is to keep us living a fear based life.


He knows our weaknesses and uses them to control our thoughts. It is through our lower thoughts we choose how we react to situations. It is also how we learn to turn our inner dialog into a self deflating conversation. The voice within is speaking to us in a love tone or in a fear tone.

In this video I share some Divine insights and a blessing for you… “your truest power is your power of prayer, faith and believability that you are an extension of God. You are a blessing, you are the light”

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When we find ourselves reactive to the challenge at hand and it is triggering feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, confusion, judgement or other fearful responses then we are being cued in that our emotions are in need of healing. Our reactiveness is a call to heal something within.


The third principle is  Change Your Reactions. This is principle is our superpower. When we are faced with a challenge that triggers a response of low vibrations we can choose to replace that response with one of love, of compassion of forgiveness of asking the Divine what it is that we can learn from this experience.

When we are consciously raising our awareness, this is when we are choosing love over fear.


How do you raise your awareness? Leave me a comment below, I read everyone and love sharing Spirits wisdom with you!


God Bless! xx J


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