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How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away

June 18, 2019

How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away

How Salt Can Melt Your Troubles Away

Clearing our outer being known as our aura is equally important as clearing our inner being. While meditation such as the one above will help clear both our inner and outer being we are constantly picking up energy. This is because we are energetic beings. We pick up and omit energy from our being.


Our aura will radiate a color that reflects our state of energetic wellness.


Some people can easily sense colors around others. Being able to distinguish the colors we sense around others takes practice as well as being in a healthy energetic state ourself.


I have found the easiest and quickest way to disconnect from other peoples energy and remove the energetic residues I pick up is to use salt. Salt is purifying and antimicrobial. It acts as a detergent to the most toxic of energies we pick up inadvertently from others.


Here are my go to methods for clearing my aura.

Make a body wash with salt. I use my favorite body wash from the store and add kosher salt to it. I personally like the kosher salt because it has gone through a special process and has been blessed by a Rabbi. The added blessing gives this salt a higher vibration.



Your turn:

Turn your favorite body wash into an instant aura cleanse. 


1 16 oz bottle of your favorite body wash

1 container of Kosher salt or Epsom salt

Open your liquid body wash and pour out 1/2 cup and put aside.

Using a funnel add a 1/2 cup of salt into the liquid body wash bottle. 

Place the cap back on the body wash and gently shake until the salt is mixed in. 

Open the liquid body wash bottle and using a funnel add the 1/2 cup of soap set aside back in.


Nurture You


Our past patterns that show up repeatedly throughout our life are calling for another level of healing.

The blessings that come from tuning in and shifting old ways into new ways are reflective of how we are willing to look at this challenging energy face on.

The Angels have shown me our cue in we receive during such heightened times as with this months energy is if a situation, person or event is causing a reaction in you, this is how you know to pay attention and call on Divine assistance.

We are energetic beings are here to raise our awareness, heal and connect to the higher consciousness of Divine love.


We are meant to have experiences in which we can transcend and transform our thoughts.


Taking time out to nurture our soul and revitalize our energy centers known as our chakras will strengthen our ability to face our challenges. And let’s be honest here that it isn’t easy to face to hard things with a smiling face. Especially when those things are threatening your life is some way.


We can move through our challenges with ease when in alignment with our higher Goddess soul-self. When we are in this state, we are open to receive God’s grace and Divine wisdom. We can achieve this when we surrender our fears over. I do this on my yoga mat.


What I mean by this is not that I do yoga and like magic everything is better. Rather, I sit in a meditative state while surrendering to the Divine the hardship and things I am facing. I allow my mind to let go and invite love in to the internal flow of my breath. As love enters the spaces within my being, it is here in the depth of my internal self that a mystical calm washes through my being. Once my energy is renewed with the Holy Spirit I gain insights and the strength that will sustain my energy and hold me as I face the challenge.


Now it’s your turn:

Find a comfy place to sit where you can be quiet for ten minutes. Turn your phone off and sit in an upright position so that your spine is straight. Roll your shoulders up, back and down several times as you breathe deeply. Allow your body to let go and any thoughts to just drift on by. 


As you inhale invite God (or your higher power) to fill your being with Divine love. While your eyes are closed, follow the breath inward as it fills your chest cavity and belly. Be still and notice as new life-force energy floats to all areas of your body, from your knees, down to your toes, from your shoulders to your wrist, your hips to your ankles. Sit as long as you need to feel loves spark of calm, comforting energy wash within you and then to pouring over you like a waterfall. 


Take time to write in your journal and reflect on your feelings, questions and any self discoveries you’ve made.


Blessing to you!

xx Jeanne


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