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Utilizing the power of prayer

June 28, 2019

june 30th blog

Utlizing The Power Of Prayer

The most valuable tool we can turn to is prayer. We can use praying for sending love and hope to our need or to others, to call on help and clarity, to illuminate our path and show gratitude and love for God and Holy figures and for devotion.


Love transcends our fearful, logical mind.


This is where healing becomes our miracle moment. Our minds tell us stories that keep love hidden behind fears agenda.


Our souls know truth. Our bodies are built with an amazing and delicate energy system which provides guidance and answers. Tapping into our souls energy is how we can hear God and understand our path.


Being in a prayerful meditative state is the way to clear our energy system of stuck patterns, thoughts, pains and unhealed trauma. Our inner world creates our outer reality.


Now that we know that prayer and meditation provide clarity of our inner and outer well-being we can look at our life with a love point of view to balance our system.


Balancing our energy requires us to look at our life in view of asking the Divine where and what can I align with love. Are we over giving, are we denying our needs, are we avoiding, are we hiding, have we given our power away, are we abusive to ourselves or to others? Being open to see our imbalance with our Goddess soul-self is an exploration of how to shift our mindset, behaviors and reactions not a bullying session.


There are no wrong choices only detours that take our soul on journey of deepening our experiences.


Love transcends and offers an instantaneous healing. Our soul seeks to be in alignment with the truth of love.


Prayer and meditation provide the space in which we can explore a deeper level of self-love. A place where we can align with the person we desire to be.


How to tune in…

1. Find a place to be. A yoga mat, a quiet space, under a tree, in a chair. Wherever you can make sacred space for yourself to just be.


2. Cycle breathing is the perfect way to connect with our soul-self. Cycle breath, by inhaling in through your nose for the count of 5 hold the breath in your belly for 5  counts before exhaling it out through your mouth to the count of 5, pause for 5 counts before starting the cycle again. Be sure your breath is calm, slow and steady.


3. Call in Spirit. Ask for God to be present within your being.


4. Focus your internal eyesight on your heart center. Close your eyes, roll the gaze of your eyes while closed down to focus on your heart center.


5. Imagine as you are breathing inward that your heart center is illuminating with a beautiful bright white light. Allow your senses to connect to this light.


6. Be still as your heart opens fully and your body absorbs Divine love.


7. Release your fears, worries or questions to flow outward through this light energy up to the Heavens.


8. Allow your body, mind and soul to be still in this release.


9. When you are ready, gently move your body and slowly open your eyes.



Top Superfoods That Aide In Stress Management

Our bodies response to stress is a physical experience. The body absorbs stress and we experience an opposite reaction. From anxiety, upset stomach, acid reflux to depression and bodily pain.



What we tend to do when our body is sending constant pain signals is we respond with a quick fix. But those quick fixes don’t last, and we end up right where we started.


I know it is so frustrating. You want to feel better; I get it! 


Here’s the down low, if we know how our body works and connect with our mind, body and soul vibration and pay attention to what serves us and what is hurting us then we a cued in to how we can increase our well-bing and even heal the underline pain we have.


Stress causes our body to be inflamed with an energy that is not meant to be stored within it. Pain comes from inflammation. And the inflammatory response within is how our body tells us something has gone wrong.


What is Acute Inflammation?

This is our bodies’ natural response to tissue damage, like when we get a bump, bruise or cut. It’s our body doing its job to heal our body.


What is Chronic Inflammation?

This is our bodies’ response to the internal damage that happens when our bodies are dealing with outside toxins. This type of inflammation is where our health challenges and chronic pain come from.


What is the Mind Connection?

This is how we process our thoughts, what read, and do with our brain. The mind connects an energetic vibration into our body. The way we process stress, and the world around us determines how we release or hold on to this foreign energy.The more our mind chatters and holds energy without quieting down to more our body is affected by the energy. Our bodies are made to fight off foreign invaders. Meditation and prayer provide the mind with a space to process the energy and release the chatter filled thoughts out so they do not take up residence within our being,


What is the Body Connection?

This body is your temple. We are what we eat the saying goes. It’s true. If our diet is filled with items that don’t fuel our body rather foods that fuel our feelings and soothe our emotions then we are in trouble. Knowing what serves our bodies vibrational rate is so important! Our health depends on our ability to know what fuels and feeds our organs, tissues, blood, skeletal and muscles. This includes food, hydration, vitamins, nutritional supplements and medications.


The Soul Connection

This is the core of who you are and why you are here. Your soul has a unique journey to fulfill. Knowing the things that serve our highest and best good is important for our overall well-bing. Learning to tune into our intuitive voice guides us in using and expressing our talents and gifts. When we are stagnant in our life, our soul truths are hidden from our view. Our bodies become inflamed when we are out of balance with our core beliefs and truths. The level at which we deny, hide or don’t understand ourselves is the level we will experience inflammation.


Change how you react and respond to stressful situations by practicing shifting your perspective by learning to nurture yourself, prayerfully meditate, clear your energy with salt and by adding superfoods that reduce inflammation.


5 Superfoods  to reduce chronic inflammation 


Raw Cacao 

Packed with antioxidants this superfood is known to reach both the blood and brain. It has a magnetic quality with Flavanols and they cleanse the blood and raises the internal vibration.



This is the main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which is where it gets its deep golden color and warm spicy flavor. It is a high anti-inflammatory loaded with antioxidants and is used as a pain relief.



A blue-green algae that is a nutrient dense superfood. High in protein, iron, B vitamins it also is an antioxidant. Known to aide with heart, lung and blood issues.


Bee Pollen

This superfood packs antioxidants, protein, lipids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids. Protects the body from free radicals and reduces chronic inflammation.


Reishi Mushroom

An edible fungus known for its anti-inflammatory effects. It is an adaptogen which means it works with your body. Reishi can help to restore the body back to homeostasis and regulate the immune system.


You are worthy of the shifts awaiting you.


Be true to your soul and lean into love every opportunity you can. Trust that the Divine will hold and embrace you every step you take on your journey.



xx Jeanne

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