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Everything you’ve been praying for

July 20, 2019

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Everything You’ve Been Praying For

I know you’ve been struggling with quieting the voice of fear. You know like…. When I lose that weight I’ll be happy. I can’t do that because ….. I don’t know how to …. I’m bad at ……. I need more … get…… We tell ourselves lies constantly. I know it’s not easy to quiet the mind, because I’ve worked diligently on healing my own fear addiction. People always tell me that meditation is just so hard to do because their mind is going all the time. Mediation is just one of the many components we can use for healing our chattery mind. The truth is, we don’t heal in one day. And we definitely don’t heal if we don’t take the time to do our “you work”! Try these journal prompts to uncover your hidden emotions… Do you struggle with feeling empty? How would your life look if you didn’t have that pain? Where is that pain located in your body? List out single feeling words in your journal. Look over your list and ask yourself, is this a true statement? Or is this a fear based thought? Share your views and questions in the comment section below! The other day I was with one of my Spiritual Coaching clients. During this session we were uncovering the internal dialog she was having with herself. Her Angels guided and illuminated so many beautiful healing moments, so much so that we were both in tears by the end of the session. I love my job! Simply because it transforms people to heal fear in order to return to faith. The miracles that happen in a session heal our greatest wounds. And release the block of energy taking up space within our bodies. The old pains block our joy and our happiness. They stop us from feeling the good, and they hold us in a space of feeling empty. If you are ready to put the time in to doing your “you work” Spirit will have your back. Take time to notice the assistance being offered through the people that show up, the books that come into your view, the classes that intrigue you. Spirit will bring the help you need, God will answer your prayers and you will find the answers when you stop listening to fear! I promise! I know you want the answers. You want someone to show you the way. To help you know that you are not alone, that your departed loved ones & team of Angels are within your reach. I gettcha, and when we work together, I will pour all of my love and energy into you, channeling the Divine truths, wisdom, messages and healing. We will map out a plan for your healing. We will discuss the energy of where you are now and talk about the space you want to be living in. Point A to point B… on Angels wings! You just have to heal your separation from love and believe your prayers are heard and answered because God doesn’t leave anyone out! You are worthy, valuable and needed in this world. Your healing is the most important legacy you can create. Because when you heal, your relationships and lineage heal. Your healing raises the vibration for our planets collective consciousness! All because you decided that NOW is your time to show up. Let’s set up a call to discuss your transformational session! Book your transformational call My Book The Goddess You will be your guide as you heal and release fear! Join me at one of my LIVE events and experience the miracle messages in person! Have a beautiful day! Blessings xx Jeanne goddess book email

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