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How To Connect  With Your Miracles 

July 26, 2019

How to connect  with your miracles 

How To Connect  With Your Miracles 


If you are felling depleted, lonely, isolated or even anxious I’ve got 3 steps that will help you confidently connect with God and the miracles that are meant for you!


Connecting to God daily changes our mindset. We know this as a miracle moment!


Aligning with God, (AKA your higher power) daily is essential for feeling good. It also changes how we experience life. Small shifts in consciousness guide us to compassion rather than judgement, to forgiveness rather than holding a grudge, to releasing trauma rather than holding it in.


When we are aligned with Source energy a higher perspective way of thinking and living comes forth. Automatically we shed the habits and energy that no longer serve our well-being. Our mindset shifts from lack of to gratitude. We witness miracles happening in our everyday instead of feeling and wearing our pain.


We start by getting real with ourselves.


Building a new foundation for how we aspire to live begins with looking within at how we communicate with ourselves. Our self talk comes from fear or from love. We learn at an early age to speak in either a less than tone or in a gentle, confident tone. We come into life remembering God and unconditional love. The family we are raised with has already had life experiences and pain. They pass down their methods, beliefs and values to us. Between the ages of 2 to 5 we adjust our behaviors to meet with theirs. It’s an innocent thing, yet it shapes how we go through our own life experiences.


In adjusting our behaviors to meet with others we are leaving behind our innate truths. Our fitting in and being the “good girl” or “good boy” shapes our mindset at that young age.


I bring this up not to cause you pain or to go backwards in your healing of past events, rather to illuminate and bring forth what your soul truths and beliefs are.


Today I am inviting you to look and be a little uncomfortable and reflective of your Goddess You truths. To welcome change and shifts perception and energy so you can align with the miracles God has planned for you!


I know the “you work” I am asking you to partake in is difficult. But listen my friend the rewards you will experience from living in alignment are beyond priceless, they are your miracle moments!

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Now here are 3 steps for aligning your energy with Spirit.

3 Daily Steps To Align And Tune In With God 

1. Wake up with God

Begin each day with a prayer. Mornings are the easiest time for us to speak and feel God as we are praying.

When we first awake our minds are quiet this is the optimal time to feel our body and mind aligned and connected with Divine energy.

Start your day with this devotional prayer

Thank you God, for this beautiful new day, please surround me with your white light of love and protection as I go about my day.

Saying this prayer aligns you to God while also inviting Divine love to embrace and comfort you. This is essential for energy sensitive people!


2. Meditate with Divine Love

Be still after your prayer and sit in a reflective, meditative state.

I know this freaks you out. You say you can’t meditate but just give this a try!

Sit in an upright position, with your spine straight.

Close your eyes and begin cycle breathing, inhaling through your nose, exhaling out your mouth.

Place your palms right over left over the center of your heart.

Repeat the following  mantra 3 times; I am filled with Divine Love

Sit for as long as you like.

Noticing how your body feels take a moment to write in journal.


3. Make a Gratitude List

Free write a list of all the people, things, events and blessings you have in your life.

After you have said your morning prayers grab your journal and create of a love list of as many things as you can think up that you are grateful for.

The fastest way to change our mindset is to show gratitude. The saying goes… change your attitude with gratitude! This daily act will align you with the miracles that are already present within your life!


Working with God daily will open your life to receiving far more miracles than you can imagine.

Our team of Angels and departed loved ones are always working to support our highest and best good.


They can never interfere with our free will. When we raise our energy through daily connection to God we experience the signs and messages that Heaven offers us. These are the miracles needed to heal and propel us forward. We can then easily awaken our soul truths connect with our life purpose.


I pray you have found comfort and peace here today.


With all my heart, God bless you!

xx Jeanne

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