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I’m Holding On, How About You?

April 5, 2020

Hello lovely one! How are you?

I’m holding on.

Honestly, when I think about myself and how I am feeling, it seems irrelevant in our current climate. 

Yet, last night as I was soaking in my ritual clearing bath, I felt immensely sad. I was reminiscing about how the events of my day unfolded. I had plans to shop for food for our house as well as for my parents. 

I met my Dad in the grocery store parking lot, and as I placed the bags of groceries into his car, I leaned in to hug him. I paused. Sadness overflowing in me, I held back my tears. 

Holding our loved ones is a natural occurrence, but in our current situation it’s tainted with questions of  “what if ?” 

 In that split second, standing there with my Dad, being reminded again of just how grateful I am to be his daughter, I realized how much I just wanted him to hold me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. For a moment I was my child self, wanting and needing his unconditional love. Isn’t it funny how holding someone can do all that?!  

In the absence of physical contact with others, my thoughts began to wonder if my faith could take this heaviness I’ve been holding away. 

That got me to thinking about how much I’ve adored holding the people I love and care for. Holding my belly when I was pregnant, and when my babies were born, holding them closely when they nursed, or holding the newborn foster baby I picked up from the hospital. 

I’ve been holding my whole life.

The moment I held my precious grandbabies for the first time. And how my heart longs to hold them again right now. Holding my husband’s nanna’s hand, and my friend Jodi’s as they crossed over to Heaven.

Friends, family, and even clients receive a tender hug before they leave their session. 

As my thoughts dove deeper into  the depth of my being I held myself in the midst of not being able to hold others in the familiar physical manner as I had before Covid19 was a part of our everyday life. 

This adjustment of holding space for my loved ones in new forms has given way to deep seated emotional pains I had not realized were within my being. I’m doing my absolute best to be present in these feelings, to look at them lovingly and embrace whatever lack, pain, or despair that rise upward into my consciousness.

My truth is, today I am holding it together the best I can with the tools and resources that I am fortunate enough to have.

I hope you are doing the same.

The truth is that with the uncertainty of our current world climate, feeling overwhelmed is a given.. The good news is that you can heal and hold your overwhelm with love based tools and methods for connecting with your Angels, and receive gentle, loving guidance from the Divine realm. 

I wonder, what it is that you are holding onto to keep you grounded and feeling safe in these uncertain times. Share in the comment section below who it is that you are missing holding!

I am sharing with you a valuable resource from my Angel Membership, intended to support and hold you in this unprecedented time. I know as I am feeling the need to be held and supported, I imagine you are too.

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Xx Jeanne 

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