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Love Is Infinite

April 11, 2020

Believe it or not, my fondest childhood memories that surround Easter are not of the contents that were inside my Easter basket.  Even though, I am certain that my mom created beautiful baskets for my siblings and I. But the memories that I hold most dear are how I felt about our family’s tradition of attending sunrise services on Easter morning. The excitement of waking before the sunrise, getting dressed and standing outside all dazed with sleepiness, gathered together with our neighbors and fellow parishioners to watch as the sun peek up out of the earth, seeing the grass, budding trees, and flowers light up as the first brilliant rays burst through with the awakening sun. 

Sunrise service was spectacular. I knew the history of Jesus’ life and why we stood together in that field. But it was the feeling of genuine renewal that made those moments stay with me. I felt Jesus smiling through the rays as if he was reaching inside my heart and the hearts of those around me. It was a blissful state that I still hold onto, feeling love enveloping my being. 

Love is the foundation of Jesus and Jesus is the foundation of love. One in the same. Love is infinite. Love never ends. Like you and me, our souls are infinite. 

This is a very unique time in our evolution. Our state of consciousness is upleveling to align with love. 

I am going to share an intimate experience I had a few nights ago with you. It’s a lot to take in, so go slow, and allow the words I’m about to share absorb into your heart. Allow into your heart the message that God is asking that the borders we have created that separate us from others… race, religion, sexual identity, political views, status and any other form – be dissolved. We are witnessing equality in the form of a virus.

I was awakened by the presence of an elderly Italian woman. At first I rolled over in my attempt to call in my Angels to shoo her away.

This sometimes happens that a departed soul will visit, usually it occurs just before a reading that’s been scheduled for their loved one to meet with me. They come to deliver the importance of their message, it has to do with the weight of the tone that they want me to impress on their loved one during our upcoming session. 

Other than that, I have an agreement with my Angels that I don’t open to work with souls that come in randomly. I also work very intently and closely with my team of Angels to filter and close off my connection during private times such as when I am sleeping. At times though, before a scheduled reading I will feel compelled to put a call in and connect with the Archangels, I do this when the energy of a soul feels low or dark or if I’m getting an overwhelmed or uncertain sense about the soul coming through. 

So when this Italian grandmother came in, I tuned into my Angels and rolled over trusting them to take care of removing her, so that I could continue sleeping.


She had a message and my Angels assured me that it was safe to connect with her. Inside I was thinking, are you freakin’ kidding me it’s 2 am! But the more I tried to shut off and go back to sleep, the clearer her face was. She was persistent. In her broken english mixed with Italian she told me she had some important insights for me to share. 

So, I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Thankfully the bathroom is attached to our walk in closet so I was able to grab the journal I keep in there. I sat down on the heated bathroom floor and gestured to her that I was ready to receive her message.

At first I thought,” what if I’m dreaming this and she isn’t real”. But then she started speaking. My Angels were supporting my back as I listened intently and wrote her message down. She said, “child, tell them our deaths won’t be -are not in vain”. I wrote it down and she corrected my writing…” no, it’s “our death is not in vain”. I felt like she was annoyed with me. 

“What can we do?” I ask. She gestures with her hands, “come together, first with self, then all as one love”. That seems so simple and yet profound.

“You. Are. All. Love”. This is what she said to me. I want to know more, so I ask her, “Why are we experiencing massive losses?” I feel her tone change as she replies,” child I am not the creator, I am just an old woman wanting to share with you this message of hope, that will somehow spread just as quickly as the virus has and invite all the lost and separate souls back to the one true source of all; LOVE. This is our collective eternal existence. Love is the precious tone that will take root and grow. Beginning with a seed, you plant your seeds of love with every thought, action and belief.”

“Nurture what you plant.”  Those are the final few words she spoke. 

Exhausted, yet full of peace, I lay my head and body down on the floor. The tiles are both cool and warm from the radiant heat. I’m soaking it all in, the heat from the floor rising through me, mixing with the weight of her words. 

I stumble off to bed with her message holding me, lulling me back to sleep. In the morning, I feel just like I had when I was a child waking up for sunrise service and seeing that first ray of light rise up. In this perfect, precious moment, my heart is fully aware of the love holding me upright. The views of our world standing still are unreal to my mind. It’s as if we have all been cast in a Netflix doomsday movie. I pray intently throughout the day, everyday. Waiting…… for a sign of hope, for understanding, for assurance and certainty about how this movie is going to end. This woman who came to visit me, reminded me that love is our ending and our beginning. 

I don’t know where you stand with religion, I honor you and your right to choose. For me, I chose Jesus all those many years ago, and still do. I honor and bless His journey to the cross and the rays of light that beam into my heart because He lived. My faith and belief is what hold me upright especially now, living in this scary, uncertain time.  

Love is the gift waiting for each of us to fully embrace. I hope you find your Easter filled with sweet treats, precious moments and abundant LOVE! 

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