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Supersize Your Spiritual Practice… My 3 Tips For Aligning With Love Now

April 17, 2020

“For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.” ~ Psalm 91:11-12 ESV

The first message I share in the opening chapter of my book, Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie, is very relevant for the times we are living in.

Being human means that you and I are equally flawed, meaning that we each have our own unique qualities some of which we may believe are flaws. In being flawed, we have the opportunity to learn many lessons through our human experience. Though some experiences are harder to process than others, great blessings come with each lesson learned. 

In a world full of fear, claiming responsibility for our personal consciousness is of great importance.

When we rise to the occasion by choosing love over that which no longer serves us, we first must address our connection to God.  We have to heal our experiences, not just try to forget them. 

The message I have been receiving from my Angels is that every soul on this earth is experiencing the pandemic. That it is vital to our collective energy to raise our awareness and energy, to rise out of fear and into love. 

But it’s hard.

It’s sad.


Life will never be the same again. We are grieving, in our own ways. Some of us are finding ourselves binging, denying, fearful, worried, angry, even obsessing. 

The Angels recently reminded me during my meditation that the message I’ve been sharing with you for the past decade has been about love versus fear. They are guiding me now to shift this core message to; Love because of fear. 

You see how we choose to go through any challenging event in our life will determine how we will experience it both in real time and in what will come. 

Sure, I’ve found myself drinking wine nightly to feel better and eating chocolate to soothe my inner turmoil. I’m human, and so are you, and it’s so easy to find ourselves falling into old patterns when we are faced with big scary shit to deal with. 

While I can’t control how this virus is going to change my life, I do have a choice as to how I want to go through this experience, and so do you!

This week I’ve decided to supersize my spiritual practice.

Here are my 3 tips for aligning with love now

  1. Instead of a nightly glass of wine, I’ve opted for a salt bath with Palo Santo essential oil to clear the foggy energy and release the stress. 

What vise can you let go of and replace with a soothing one?

  1. I’m going outside several times a day to just breath in the air and take in the beauty God has provided in nature.

 Can you find time in your day to go outside, or open your windows and find gratitude for your surroundings?

  1. My meditation practice is where I’m turning to for knowing and discerning what’s real and what’s fake news. 

Can you carve out 10 minutes twice a day to sit with God, and just be in your own energy?

These are easy things we can all implement into our day to align with love and release all fear that binds us to old patterns. 

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