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Mixed Emotions

April 23, 2020

You are important.

It’s not always easy for us to remember we are important.

I have had my share of feelings that quietly float in from nowhere surrounding my entire body with what feels like wearing a yucky weighted jacket. Low vibe energy creates a barrier between my connection to Spirit, blocking my senses making it nearly impossible for me to “see” Divine light. I feel separated from my truth, the soul alignment of who I am. Self loathing has always come way too easy for me, like it was woven into every cell of my being. Fear energy is evil’s way of tormenting us, having us hide and devalue ourselves. 

When I was a teenager, I had moments of despair that would challenge my faith, and my existence. I know I’m not alone in having experienced feelings such as the ones that tormented me. 

Even now, after years of healing and choosing to live in my soul’s truth, and to show up with love moment after moment, I can still find myself being influenced by fear, wobbling in and out of love. Fear is tricky. It knows just when we are feeling low and grabs on like a lead weight trying to anchor us down into despair. 

In Believe . . . Angel’s Don’t Lie, I share how being a sensitive soul is the most common gift, and is also the one that burdens most people because it is so often misunderstood. When this gift is off-balance we may experience heightened empathy for others, issues around trying to control, being overly involved in other’s lives or crying at the drop of a hat. We are more prone to get autoimmune disease as the imbalance of this gift affects our central nervous system.

Begin with the mixed emotions that come from the physical experience of the weighted yucky energy, I spoke about earlier, then add to that a hefty measure of family history, dynamics and trauma, and a dollop of the conditioning from our childhood and you have the perfect recipe for a conjumbled emotional soul.

I’m one of those souls. But, now I’m doing good. I’ve adjusted to honoring and working with my gifts, rather than stuffing them down and away. I’ve leaned into the flow of love and from that came a beautiful, soulful connection to others and the self generated guidance that shows me   when it’s time to seek outside support. 

Love saved me.

You see, we aren’t meant to go through life on our own without love. Love is the key to thriving in our life. Once we realize that we don’t want to just live in a survival mode rather we yearn to thrive and be the expansive soul we were meant to be, that’s when things shift.

The “you work” I’m always talking about, is how we get to the “place” in our life where we want to be. It’s not necessarily a physical place, rather it’s a state of being “the who” we want to be. 

Our Goddess soul-self is our truth. It is our who, our why and our destiny. The avoidance of being our Goddess soul-self comes from a deep seated pain that appears to us as resistance. I know her. Resistance. I call her out when she shows up, so she no-longer holds power over me. Resistance looks and feels like defensiveness, such as you are making a strong case against yourself. 

How do you know if you are resisting something that will actually serve you?

You do what I do, take a long look in the mirror when you feel the challenging fear tone show up. Looking at it straight in the eye will immediately diminish the power it has over you. Then grab your journal and make two lists, one labeled fear the other love and write down every thought that shows up. You will literally see on paper how resistance is trying to keep you from having a loving experience. 

Fear. It’s real. But the deeper truth is that love heals all fear. Love removes fear. 

You are loved! 

Tell me how this serves you today in the comment section below.


xx Jeanne

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