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May 2020

April 28, 2020

Monthly Astrology Forecast By- Carly Sensenbrenner


During the beginning of the month, you can become aware of your deepest desires. Scorpio is an energy that is expressed through death, rebirth, and transformation. It can bring darkness to light. This can be a time for reflection on and release from feelings around death, grief, and loss. This doesn’t have to be focused on an actual death, it can also be experienced through the feelings that surface from the loss of a job, a relationship or an old way of living. Watch your thoughts around feeling as if life is like a battlefield and becoming too wrapped up in anger, sadness or feelings of overwhelm, lack of control and stress. This is a time to release the fears that keep you chained inside. Maybe you have built up emotions that need to be released through tears during this time. Let them out even when it feels messy. Take time to meditate and reflect.  Each person’s healing will look different. Meditate and ask what you can release that is no longer serving your highest and best good.


Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is very comfortable in the sign of Gemini. You can have an easier time communicating during

this time. It is possible to become very chatty under this influence. Make sure you are slowing down to fully listen to others as you communicate. Gemini is a quick, curious, and logical sign. You may find yourself spending a lot of time glancing over articles, watching videos, the news, reading and enjoying all the different forms of communication. Mercury will be making a trine (a supportive, more harmonious aspect) to Saturn in Aquarius this month. It is important to stay grounded and centered during this time. Your mind can be spinning at times with all the forms of communication coming at you and through you. Become mindful of where you are directing your energy. Stay centered when information comes to you, so that you can understand the deeper truth. 

The North node, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Moon will all be moving through the sign of Gemini this month. Gemini rules the third house in astrology. This is all around short trips and travel; walking, local community, synchronicity, and communication of all kinds. The North Node will be in this area until January 2022. It is a potent time for communication in all forms.

 Each planet and sign bring different levels of energy. In Gemini’s low vibration, it can create a lot of gossip and lies. It is important to stay connected to your inner center and understand what is true. Stay open to the feelings and thoughts of others and try not to hold too tightly to your “truth”. Become open to the possibility of your beliefs and ideas shifting so you don’t become stuck. Try to allow yourself periods of silence by turning off your devices, listening when others are speaking without correcting them with information, tuning in by being fully present in the moment and meditating often. All of these things will beautifully balance out this abundant energy and help it to be used in a healing way. 

Going for walks outside in your local area will help to clear and reset your energy. Your mind can become curious and interested in all kinds of topics. Become open to divine synchronistic events in your life. This can be expressed through someone calling you just when you were thinking about them, having wisdom pour through your words at just the right time when another person needs to receive it, or someone linking you with information that serves your highest good. 


During this time you can take a step back in the way you think about your future and long term goals. This energy can have you rethinking where your next steps are heading and how you want your life to look in the future. Aquarius is an energy around manifestation, goals, hopes, wishes, friendships, humanitarianism, science, epiphanies and healing as a whole. We are also in a time of communication through phone, video, and internet which all rule Aquarius. Saturn will be retrograde in Aquarius which will have you be more reflective and better understand where your life is going. Aquarius can feel that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and we are all connected. This energy on a high vibration can support thinking more about how to help others as well as animals, plants, and all forms of nature. It is a time to rethink our behavior as individuals and realize that we all affect one another by our thoughts and actions. We are also at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is the energy of the humanitarian. This long term energy, if used in a healing way, can help to heal the planet. It can be directed toward starting to realize the impact we have on the planet as a whole. Take the time to safely (with gloves during quarantine) pick up trash as you walk in your local community. Notice the chemicals you use in your environment and home and realize how it may be harming you and the plants and animals around you. Saturn works with rules, laws, government, structures, lessons, boundaries and organization. Saturn is retrograde which shows there will be rethinking and restructuring within the government. Aquarius is rebellious and likes it’s freedom. During this time and for the next few years we will see a major restructure in the government. It will be breaking down in ways that are no longer working for the collective so that it can rebuild into a new way. 


The moon will be joining the party with Venus, Mercury, Sun and North Node in Gemini. This is a good time to start studying something that interests you. This will be a nice time to start a new online class, connect with people you have been meaning to call or message, call a family member or friend and express what you are feeling, start to read or write a new book, sew, sculpt, or anything that involves being creative with your hands. This is a beautiful time to allow the manifestation of something that needs to be expressed. Try to have that long delayed necessary conversation with someone. It is a time for opening your throat

chakra which also expresses your creative energy to the world. A new moon is the perfect time to start something fresh and new. With the new moon in Gemini it can encourage you to take things lighter and become silly and playful. Listen to the still, gentle voice inside you.  

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