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A Blessed Women

May 9, 2020

Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Mother’s Day! 

The reading began and immediately I felt her uneasiness and disconnection. She felt uncertain and even a bit insecure even though she didn’t want to admit it. 

The untruths she was replaying inside her being were very real and so, so sad. 

The only thing that separated us was that she was in her home and I was at mine. 

Our work together, like all my clients, was done through a connection one cannot see, rather one that is experienced through a soul connection that is made, it is a purely miraculous experience, full of loving messages and energetic healing that shifted both our lives. 

This kind of healing is without surgical scars, bandages or harsh chemicals, it’s enlightening transcendental work, it’s not of this realm yet meant for this realm. 

Self doubt is the stopping point and why she is experiencing the inner turmoil.

I know this pain, it’s oh too familiar to me, and at times has even ruled over me. The shame and neglect of denying my own sacredness and soul truths, has haunted my sleep as it is hers.

She’s living in a place that’s familiar to me, and the old version of me would want to yank her right out of there, but I can’t fix what’s not mine to heal. 

Empathy guides us or at times even invites us into a person’s experience. When leaning into someone’s life who is in turmoil or pain, we join them inside the circle of sorrow, trying to soothe them with how to’s or uplifting ideas, beliefs that were birthed from our own personal insights and truths.

I’ve been a sensitive soul my entire life. I bet you too have felt a deep sense of personal responsibility when you see someone in pain? We just want to ease their suffering, offer up whatever precious tid bit we might have to give. 

Nothing about healing work is easy. Not for the person in the pain or for the person working to guide them through the pain. 

It’s like giving birth, no-one can do it for you, you have to go through it. 

Birthing isn’t just about becoming a mother. And motherhood isn’t always about birthing a child. Motherhood is about pouring the well of love from within the depth of your soul into something bigger than yourself. It’s a dream, a creation, hard work and sleepless nights. 

My client was in a crisis, anxious and frightened of the calling from within her. The constant thoughts and negative commentary going on day into night and night into day left her in a weakened state. Her Shmego guy was working overtime, filling her with lies, untruths and confusion. 

Beyond empathy is where we went. Pure soul connection looks and feels so familiar to you that you can’t help but lean in to hear what God is saying. God speaks kind, soft truth. Like a soft, warm, velvety blanket that gently drapes over your skin. You nestle in, feel comforted, held and loved. 

She leaned in as the words I spoke floated from Heaven to her ears. God reminded her of who she is, an authentic beautiful soul that He sent into this life to do great work. Her story isn’t unlike yours or mine. Sometimes we women need a gentle reminder saying it’s okay to be messy and it’s okay to not have all the answers. You’re safe to fall into God’s velvety blanket of love and cry the big crocodile tears, the ones that soak your face and shirt and cause snot and big red dots on your face. 

Love is pure. Leaning into love wasn’t her first response. No, she learned to lean on doubt, fear, shame and the untruths that she was taught. We plucked out the deep dark roots of those yuckinesses and the voids where they once were. God filled them with light, with love, with joy, all His glory held her upwards. 

Everytime God is welcomed inward to our bodies, homes, families and our work a miracle happens, a void within is filled. I am sending this email with the healing energy from God to you with my prayer that you are filled with warm, velvety love today and everyday. 

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