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The Anatomy Of A Calling

May 16, 2020

Knowing all the aspects of who I am, and why my soul is here has taken years. The time has been spent on looking at and understanding how to become the version of the me I am today. 

We can change our destiny if we are clear on our identity. 

You’ve heard me say before, we get to choose, that we’ve been gifted free will. 

If your intention is focused on living your life authentically, aligned with your soul’s truth that’s where the yumminess of what makes you, you- shine like the brightest star in the sky. 

Last year my dear friends offered to do an astrology chart reading for me. I’ve always been interested in the tools that God has provided us. Not as a form of predicting future events or seeing past the point that God wants me to see. Rather, as an outline and a validation of the feelings I’ve had my entire life.

I have to admit that astrology confuses me. I knew if I was going to have my chart read I would need a God aligned person that would honor my belief system and not tell me things that I didn’t want to see or know. 

My friends were the perfect pair, both gentle loving and aligned with God. The day I sat down with Carly and Pam to find out what my chart had to say was a rather hot and sticky day. We gathered on my back deck under the umbrella as they delivered the line-ups that were in my chart. 

I was a bit overwhelmed at first but I also felt validated and sad to actually see the hard aspects I have lived through show up right there on my chart. 

Being validated has a remarkable effect on us. I’ve seen the miracle of validation happen before my eyes when my clients hear from departed loved ones and their angels. Their energy immediately shifts, lifting the heaviness off of their being. 

On this warm summer day, my friends were the ones delivering the validation, miracles are boundless like that. 

This past week, I had the honor of hosting these two beautiful souls on my Angels Don’t Lie show. I invite you to listen in on this powerful and informative session, be sure to grab your journal and pen, there’s tons of juicy nuggets of information that they share with the live audience. You can join the next Angels Don’t Lie session here!

Let me know what juicy nuggets you took away from this session!

Have noticed yourself feeling more stressed and anxious? 

Are you feeling uncertain about what the future holds and how to know what your calling is?

I’ve got some great news! I’m hosting a 3 day live Healing event next week:  The Anatomy of A Calling

I will help you feel grounded, aligned with your soul’s truth and connected with the vibration of love. 

The W.H.O. Studies show that anxiety disorders affect 1 out of 13 people world wide. And, those numbers have rapidly increased during our current world crisis with the Covid pandemic. Fear is on the rise. We are being called to awaken to an upleveling of consciousness. 

Chances are you too have experienced one or more of the  feelings associated with the expansion of energy triggering anxiety such as: restlessness, sadness, nervousness, trouble sleeping, achy, weak, tired, GI issues, rapid breathing, shallow breathing, or over thinking. 

You may also be noticing heightened awareness of energy, vivid dreams, enhance intuition, body aches and pains, sense overload, difficulty concentrating, memory issues, karma replaying and triggering of past trauma.

During this event I will support and guide you with methods from my new book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie. These proven methods will support you in feeling grounded, calm and free of the low vibe yuck energy, while guiding you in knowing your soul’s calling.

To Attend my FREE Healing event go here. 

Date and time:

👼 May 20th 12 noon

👼 May 21st 12 noon 

👼 May 22nd 12 noon

Blessings and love

xx Jeanne

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