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Feel To HEAL

June 12, 2020

Have you noticed how we have collectively broken open?

I too, have been experiencing intense personal and collective energy, so I did what I always do and asked my Angels for guidance. In response, the Angels guided me to an understanding of the brokenness and the upheaval of energy that we are all experiencing and I’m compelled to share this yummy Divine truth with you today. 

Before I begin, I feel it’s super important for you to know, I am here for you. And, as we enter this as a conversation, my arms and heart are open for you; to support, validate and hear from you. You can connect with me in the comment section or via email.  

The analogy the Angels shared with me on the energy experience we are now living in, is this… up to this point we have been traveling on a broken road. (The road signifies our soul’s life experience) Our road is paved, uneven at points, and has bumps and potholes..

Over the last several years our road began to deteriorate at a faster rate in some areas, the guardrails that represented a sense of safety began to bend and break away, leaving the bridges dangerously wide open, as more cracks formed in the road’s surface. Opinions, judgement and anger rose across the nation. Some prayed for help, others rose up to serve, while others raged.

Fast forward to 2020, when a worldwide pandemic causes the already broken surface cracks to widen and deepen forming a break from start to finish. With hundreds of thousands of lives lost, the divide is long and painful. Sorrow, anger, lies, deception flying about, breaking apart relationships, furthering and deepening the divide.

Now, just when we thought we had seen enough pain and devastation, racial injustice surfaces AGAIN, and this time it is rising out of the cracks of our very being. We feel deeply. For some that feeling is sorrow, sadness and disgust for others it brings up rage and anger, and still others it brings forth redemption and healing. 

Our road is an upheaval of what no longer belongs in our world or in the vibration of what some call the 5D or Aquarian age. The hate, the pain and the sorrow is bubbling out of our broken road, out of our soul. The truth is, they have taken up space in our lineage and in our consciousness repeating history over and over… until now. The earthquaking and erupting we are experiencing at this moment can and will heal us, individually and collectively when we turn inward, and call in the light to shine on and expose the dark. Equality is love, and love is equality. 

Leaning into love, means listening with our heart and soul. The Angels shared with me how my work impacts people so much because when we are validated our pain diminishes. It’s like magic really. To hear from a departed loved one that they are sorry for the pain they inflicted, whether consciously or unconsciously, changes you. It’s an immediate healing. 

Today, I want to validate the pain that our sisters and brothers in the black community have felt, witnessed and lived in. I see pain. It’s my job. It’s not pretty. 

To call out the darkness we must be ready, I am ready. I make no excuses for what I did not know or understand, yet there is now power in my choosing love where there was previously unknowingness. 

That’s where all of our power lies, in choosing love. We can do better, everyone of us can sit still, off of social media, away from the news, out of opinionated conversations and ask the Holy Spirit to ignite our soul with supernatural love. Forgive the ancestral lineage, the broken pieces and commit to loving yourself and others HOLY! 

The Bible tells this story of hate, betrayal and sacrifice. But that is not where the story ends. We also learn about redemption, forgiveness and compassion. Believing Jesus walked to His death, carrying His cross, and offering His crucifixion, as a gift for you, me, and for each and every soul so that we may be set free from sin. This is what I live by. It’s what I see when a person is leaving this earthly plane. Their soul purifies from all fear and they are offered eternal life with God. Even those who didn’t believe while living in their earthly bodies, have come through in sessions telling me that even if they  were an atheist, they have been healed through Jesus and welcomed into God’s kingdom. 

My point is, we must be willing to call the darkness out so the light can heal it. Only then can we transcend. Feel to Heal. Our road, though upheaved, split and spewing out yuck is doing what it must in order for the new rebirthing of love to reconstruct a healthy, strong super highway on which to journey forward on. Staying in the brokenness, defending or denying the yuck will only fill in the cracks with old outdated energy that will inevitably break wide open again and again.

This passage is from the Torah. In these words, “In You, Adonai” which translates to “In You, God”. 

“In You, Adonai, have I taken refuge. Let me never be ashamed. Deliver me and rescue me in Your justice. Turn Your ear to me and save me. Be to me a sheltering rock where I may always go. Give the command to save me—for You are my rock and my fortress”

Psalm 71:1-3TLV

I choose to see my dark yuck, to call it out, to lean into love, to learn, grow and evolve as a conscious loving soul. I forgive myself, for what I did not see or fully comprehend before this time. I pray for healing for humanity.

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You may be asking, “but what can I do to help?”

You can stay grounded in love and keep your Divine connection open and free flowing. See, hear, speak and act from that sacred place. Be discerning as to what and who you choose to surround yourself with. Be kind, loving and gentle to yourself and others. I often use my Core Color Meditation to help me decide which choice is in alignment with my highest and best good. I have shared the recording below.


God bless you.

You are loved.

I see you. 


xx Jeanne

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