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Heavenly Love

June 30, 2020

Heavenly Love 

Written By Denise Cox

When my daughter was put into a therapeutic boarding school my heart was broken, but relieved.  I was left with a heart that was unsure and feeling guilt, sadness, relief and judgment.  

When my Mother died 2 years later, I was left with relief again, that the pain and suffering was gone, but unsure of how to continue without my rock, my solid and steady person of reason.

Then fifteen days before she died, my sweet dear husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He was taken to be with the Lord, 13 months later.

Listen to my recent conversation with Denise, Purpose in the Midst of Grief.

Here I sit, with the gift of a voice to help others.  As I speak, I am healed.  I realized that my ability to open up and share, has nothing to do with me. It has to do with those who I can somehow help provide another way to look at things. To help them heal and be able to move on through our earthly life and for those who have left us, to share their heavenly love to help us keep going.  This is simply the most amazing gift that I have been given.  

As I shared this with my sister, she looked at me and said, Denise this is the Holy Spirit that lives in you.  These were the same words my Mom told me as she endured her own departure and the ones I remembered when I endured the departure of my own daughter that I fought so hard to have.  

It’s becoming abundantly clear to me that the things we love the most sometimes have to go another path.  It’s also becoming abundantly clear that I am supposed to share my voice to help them feel the holy spirit, as I have been gifted with so  many times over. So they can heal and feel the same peace.

I am overwhelmed with peace and love.  A love so much deeper and incredible that it gives me a greater purpose, and a greater voice than I ever knew I had.  It’s overwhelming and humbles me in a very deep way.

Clearly I was chosen in some way to endure so much loss, because I do not sit in pain so to speak, I sit in a humble way, ready to learn the purpose of it all and as it unfolds, I am again amazed by the beauty of the sacrifices that were made for me, so long ago, by God to sacrifice his only son for our sins.  

Denise began her career as an art director, working in New York with Warner Bros. and Disney after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing from Drexel University. She eventually established her own freelance marketing and design business focused on the apparel licensing business. 

As a hobby, she designing beaded jewelry and handbags and creating a network of partners, vendors and retailers. But it wasn’t until she was in process of adopting her little girl that Denise began getting more involved in jewelry design.

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