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Love Fills My Void

June 30, 2020

This month’s mantra is client inspired. I’ve connected with so many women who have been giving and over giving and are now left feeling completely depleted and worn out. Sound familiar? 

What I know as a healer is that our pain stays inward inside the depth of our body, in muscles, bones and tissue. We can carry pain from past lives and life experiences we’ve blocked out of our mind. 

Our void is our pain, deeply woven into the fabric of our being. Therefore, if we want to feel better we must look at the ways we fill our void within ourselves. 

To give you an idea of what I am talking about here are a few ways my clients have filled their void: Over giving. People pleasing returns  a “feel good” response but eventually can lead to burnout when we are giving in order to FEEL better within!

Over indulgence. Food is fuel, but when food is used as a reward or a punishment to an underlying pain point it becomes a toxic void filler. 

Avoidance: Procrastination or avoiding change keeps us replaying old patterns and addressing the void within. Staying the same means we don’t have to look at or deal with what we feel. Sometimes the pain is so deep we aren’t even sure of what we feel so we keep on keepin on with the avoidance. 

Being Busy: Having something ‘to do’ every minute of every day without claiming time for rest and creation is another form of avoidance. It becomes an excuse not to do our “you work”, heal our pain and see where love is available to us. We wear it as a badge of honor and yet it keeps us from having access to the one thing we desire most ~ love.

MEDITATION 🧘‍♀️ Filling The Void With Love

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