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July 11, 2020

I’m sure if you’re like me, you’ve been inundated with the many people who talk about, teach, and preach about abundance.For me, I’ve struggled with how the methods taught by others fit inside the truth of God’s plan for me. 

So, I did what I do best. I brought my questions, concerns, and worries into my mediation and thus began a journey with my Spiritual team to heal.

For me to best explain this I should also describe how our life experiences & trauma create a separation from a love reality and in its place appears a blockage.  This blockage is formed from fear,  causing us to live a fear based reality. Like the Groundhog Day effect, you receive more and more of the same low vibe energy in your life. From hurtful relationships, to debt,  anxiety and so on. They multiply and keep  repeating the same energy in your life.

Now, imagine you have a straw, this straw has a knot in it, and you are trying to sip your drink, but the flow of liquid is blocked by the knot. Got that view? So let’s move on….

Your body has an energy flow similar to the straw. The abuse, trauma, and pain you’ve experienced create knots in your energy system. Just as muscle has memory, your past experiences stay within your being. Trauma therefore, creates a blockage within your body that stops the flow of love. Which in turn creates more and more knots as time goes on. 

Depending on your pain points and the level of healing, this will determine how your body flows with energy. Lack of flow with many knots looks like physical pain, disease, illness, and depression. A partial flow looks like the edge of illness, symptoms pop in here and there, random pain, anxiousness, and a low vibe. 

There is a saying in the healing world that goes like this… you need to feel it, to heal it.

Here’s where the issue comes in for most of us, to feel it means we have to go inward. This is not an easy thing to do when we’ve built a system of recovery for ourselves.

That system of recovery is our safe place, it’s what we created in the moment of our greatest pain to protect ourselves. We’ve held this system in place for most of our life. So why would we change it now? That’s exactly what I asked my Angels back in 2011 when I made a conscious decision to live my truth by closing my shoe boutique and began sharing Spirits messages! 

Honestly, my soul shines when I’m channeling, and today I am going to share with you Divine wisdom that I’ve channeled so you can attract more love and the abundance into your life that is MEANT for you!

Read these next two lines out loud….

God, wants me to receive. He has plans for me to prosper and live well.

Fear wants me to stay in lack. He has plans for me to fail and live in hardship.

WOW 😳! Right?

That’s exactly what I thought when the Angels had me do that exercise when I was writing my first book The Goddess You. My Angels guided me to realize how fear manipulates each of us in so many ways. Look, fear has trickster energy, always trying to knock you off your spiritual path. 

What I know to be true and factual is, God is love and love is abundance. 

Creating a life where you are attracting love rather than lack, health rather than illness, faith rather than despair, is why you are here. Seems simple enough, but we get mind f*cked by fear! 

It’s your soul’s journey to receive, to give, to love, to be the Holy truth of your soul – self.

This is why I’m so passionate about my work. From validating pain to showcasing what your soul is sharing with me about who you are. 

To serve others, is to serve God. To share messages, guidance & healing channeled from the Divine is my soul’s Holy truth.

I want you to know, in the core of your being that receiving is good! That it is God’s will. And sharing your gifts with others, in the vibration of love, is Holy.

When it comes to aligning to your soul’s truth, you are also aligning to receive love and abundance. You are an infinite being of light able to heal and clear what isn’t working in your life.

For me, it’s a vibrational tone that I connect with in others. When I “feel” that person’s truth, immediately I am cued in to what their soul is speaking and then what they are sharing outloud. We say statements like, “I’m on the same wavelength”,  “I get you” , “I feel you”. This is how we communicate the energy we sense. I know I’m not alone in this, it’s how God designed each of us to connect with energy. 

When we feel we heal. You know when you feel another’s story in your body, well that’s a miracle spark. That one instance can shift you out of a dark moment. 

To heal means you’re saying with your being and your consciousness, YES! I’m aligning to the Holy truth, the beautiful, real me to receive the highest vibration of love available. 

ATTRACT MORE LOVE &  ABUNDANCE is a life changing experience your soul has been craving! Trust me you are meant for MORE, I know because Angels Don’t Lie! 

When we feel, we heal, when we heal we become the truth of our soul. Amen.

I’ve taken the process used throughout my healing work and have selected the most powerful and effective nuggets of love to share with you. The weekly sessions  offer everything you need to create the  results you desire for attaining & aligning with the truth of your soul and the abundance that is meant for you.

Inside this group coaching, I’m holding space for an elite group of like minded souls. You will be guided through a step by step process of how to transcend your pain, blockages, unfavorable habits and old pattern of beliefs that are holding you in the same low vibrational energy pattern. 

Attract more Love & Abundance is now available for you!

I know what it’s like to live life from the place of lack and despair. It’s not fun. It sucks the light right out of you. 

What I am offering you is a Divine and Holy experience. One where I will hold you in the sacredness of your soul truths. Where Heavenly wisdom, guidance and love provide the methods for you, these tones aren’t of this world, they are channeled from the Divine and delivered straight to your heart center. No bullshit, no tricks or methods, just pure LOVE. 

Are you into receiving more Abundance and Love? REGISTER HERE

Have a Blessed Day

Xx Jeanne

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