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How To Know If Fear Is Playing You

July 11, 2020

This week on my Angels Don’t Lie show, I sat down with Dorian Madreperla.

Dorian is such a beautiful soul and light.

She is the founder of Sphericality Wellness Center for Women and The Limitless Lifestyle Academy. I’m fortunate to have worked with Dorian inside her amazing program that is designed to support women. Especially women going through or on the other side of menopause.

Hey look I know that this is not a topic we like to chat about. But, I feel it is a must for us to lean into, so we thrive during the challenges we face as our bodies are shifting.

Listen to the show and let me know your biggest take aways in the comment section!

And, be sure to accept your gift from Dorian … CLICK HERE

I have a little more for you today, I recorded a Vlog for you!

How to know if fear is playing you?

It’s so easy to pick up fear based energy without realizing it. Once we know how to discern fears tones we can shift ourselves to love instantaneously! Sponged up Fear looks like…. All of a sudden, without warning, our reactions are bigger than we are. Our feelings and emotions get con-jumbled up. In come frustrations that slowly morph into judgments; then manipulation comes into play. Manipulation tugs at us to help prove our point and stand our ground.

Maybe even a little anger floats in and fires us up, and we end up responding in a fearful, mean tone.

Or maybe denial comes in. We deny love, and in doing that, we deny our ability to speak and feel our soul’s truths. Instead, we speak the other person’s fears; we aid them by joining their victimhood, ranting and raving with them over injustices that fear insists are happening.

That’s a whole bunch of crazy going on! Right? And it all happened because fear played us!

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