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How To Connect With Your Divinity

August 14, 2020

By connecting with your Divinity is how you can turn worry and anxiousness into spiritual food for your mind, body and soul.

We all have things that trigger our internal wounds. Like when you’re checking out at the grocery store with a cart full of food, and you can’t find your credit card or worse the cashier hands it back saying it’s been declined. You, turn red, the heat rises and your hands are sweaty. An old belief may rise to the surface in that moment unexpectedly, and whisper in your ear “ You will always be incompetent” Or, how about when you forget to pick up your child from CCD and you pull up to gather your wee little one feeling like the worst parent on the planet!? … (don’t judge, I did that!) 

What the Angels remind me of all the time is that we are all perfectly imperfect- things happen, plans fall apart, relationships break, money gets lost, people get sick, and loved ones die. These are the life experiences that are meant to shape us, teach us and support our soul’s expansion. 

I don’t know about you but I always seem so surprised when life falls apart on me. 

I’m constantly reminded as I sit with clients that we are messy beings. 

We are full of potential and are also capable of attracting our worst fears. Which if I’m honest, I do way more often than I care to admit. 

But, learning and growing and releasing old patterns and beliefs is what makes this journey in this lifetime so special. 

The Angels want me to remind you that though life can seem way off balance and certainly has for the past 8 months, things are exactly as they should be. 

You might be feeling confused and thinking what the heck are you talking about Jeanne??!! 

This is what I’ve learned from Spirit: 

Our planet is being transformed, as we are transcending. 

That which is not of love is rising to the surface to heal from our minds, bodies and our Mother Earth. 

We can literally see the yuck oozing out in many forms. 

What we are being called to do is pray, to release fear and that which evil has tricked us into believing as real and  to show up for ourselves like never before. Our only job is for us to BE LOVE. 

My friend, Spirit, is guiding us to go inward and awaken our inner Goddess. That Divine Feminine part of our being.

We’ve been given this time to pause, to be with family, to be alone with ourselves, to be gentle and to remember our true divinity. 

 This may seem like it may not be enough action to take with the current magnitude of the state of our planet, or the major issues we are facing in our country.

What I am sure of is: Love is the only action that actually matters. For love is so powerful and absolute that it will withstand the purging of the dark energy. 

You may be thinking of Love as a non action and as a feeling or emotion. 

But, Love is indeed an action because it is a choice. Love is prayer. Love is kindness. Love is compassion & forgiveness. Love elevates while fear diminishes. 

For this week’s Angels Don’t Lie podcast I was graced with the presence of Love in human form, her name is Katie Coelho. Katie’s journey through life has been one of many ups and even more plummeting lows. 

In this episode Katie reminds us how precious life is and how important it is to speak of and about our departed loved ones. She reminds us that their lives are meant to be cherished and honored by our ability to continue living through and beyond our grief, even if none of it makes sense to us! 


I’m sharing a nugget of love from my new book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie. With this Angel Ceremony you will find your view of the outside world will improve. I’ve adjusted this a bit to support you in raising your vibrational rate and opening to your Divinity.

Angel Ceremony:

Begin by setting a physical altar and holding intention in your internal sacred space where your Angel ceremony will convene for one week.

Choose someplace quiet, where you can meditate and reflect. Your altarcan be on a tabletop, on the floor, or simply on your nightstand. It doesn’t need to be fancy, because you can designate any space as sacred space.

Amplify the love to your altar by adding things like flowers, crystals, religious items, books, or even little notes of love and intention. Place a white candle in the center of your altar. (If necessary, it can be battery-operated.)

Every day, sit for at least ten minutes and mentally repeat the day’s prayer/mantra three times before going into silence. 

Sit in front of your altar with your eyes closed and your spine straight. Remain in silence,meditating on the mantra for as long as wish.

My recommendation is to sit at least ten minutes.

Take a moment before getting up to stretch your body, slowly allowing

the Divine energy to merge with yours. Journal your experience.

Say this prayer daily: Dear God please fill my heart with Divine

love and light. Guide me to release any and all stress, worry and fear from my life. Thank you for sending your Angels to support and guide me as I am raising my energy, awareness and consciousness. Amen

Repeat the following mantra daily: I Am Love, I Am Holy. And so it is, Amen.

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