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What To Do If You Stopped Believing In God

August 22, 2020

Sometimes an event occurs in our life that is so big and so painful that we begin to question everything that we thought we knew or that we had previously believed to be true. Sometimes it’s the smaller frequent struggles that just don’t stop coming that leave us feeling exhausted, weak and depleted that have us wondering “what is the point in all of this?” And then there are times when people in our lives that we should be able to trust, betray us and/or try to manipulate our thinking, leaving us feeling confused and alone.

Often, during these times people will blame God or even question his existence because they cannot make sense of why a loving God could allow this to happen. It is true that traumatic experiences rarely make sense to our logical minds. But our soul’s journey in this life is much more expansive than our limited understanding.

Recently I was asked by a client why it mattered that he had a spiritual practice set up for himself, because he didn’t even know what exactly he believed in. 

You see, he had been through serious trauma and was questioning “if there really is a God, then why would he allow these painful events to unfold in my life. “

I can’t even begin to imagine this man’s pain. Having to hold his child as she left this life seems so wrong and cruel. 

For me, I get a glimpse of how my clients feel when I am channeling. It’s a full body experience, I feel their pain as if it is mine. This is how I deliver what God wants them to know. 

This particular reading followed a series of clients that all had a common theme… they were each questioning God’s existence. 

Like my client who was lost in the overwhelming grief from his daughter’s passing, my new friend Allessandro Piovezehns lost his faith in God after being abandoned by his parents at the age of 14. Left to fend for himself, searching for food and shelter he turned to religious leaders to help him. What he received was deceit instead. These men, who stood for God, used God’s name to sin. 

As we try to understand the why’s of life’s happenings such as a loved one’s early departure from life or the wrongdoings and evil that we see and experience, we can easily get lost in the swirling energy of fear’s tones. 

Evil is real. And, he believes in God. His job is to put a wedge between you and God. Because if you aren’t good with God, then evil wins. Your God light dims with your internal struggles and questioning, and then that is what becomes the energy you share. Knowing why this matters is so important because if you are suffering and disbelieving then you aren’t going to share your light and love with others. Now that’s an “oh shit” moment, right?

God’s light is within you always. All you need to do is say yes to revisiting it. Almost like play. Try it out, call on Divine help, believe in it and watch and wait. God will always send you reminders that he’s holding space for you to return to love. 

Click Here to listen in on my conversation with Allessandro! He shares his Holy experience as he shares how he began to lean on faith and follow God’s voice again. His is a story of rising out of the ashes of a life gone bad. 

As for my client who’s grief has become a way of life for him and his family, I’ve offered him what I know works. Create a spiritual practice where Love is your focal point. Let go of trying and be still in the presence of your own Divinity. This is where God’s essence lives. Not in a religion or outside of you, you are the light of God. Trust in your intuitive, soul truth, that’s where you’ll find God! 

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Have a beautiful day!


xx Jeanne

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