Hello Lovely,

Welcome to my first video Divine Healing Transmission! I’ve been working with my Angels & Guides on crafting a format to share Divine healing for the collective.

Today’s theme is Healing for your Heart Center.

The video’s I am creating are a virtual sacred space for you to receive channeled healing energy from The Holy Spirit. The method I am using to channel is similar to the way I connect to Spirit during my medium readings. For over a decade I’ve been sharing these healing transmission in private session and in person healing events. During the in person experiences I will be guided to place my hands on or above the person I am working with as the channeled energy flows through me to the client. Though I do not have a medical background, Spirit will often imprint messages and tones that are helpful in diagnosing, confirming or radically healing pain points with my clients.

Similar to an in person session these virtual transmissions offer you a physical experience.

The delivery of energy flows through my being and outwardly from my chakra points. The hand movement I use, is similar to Autonomous sensory meridian response know as ASMR. ASMR, if you aren’t familiar with it is an auto sensory meridian response, that’s is felt as a heightened sensation inside your body. You body responds with tingling and warming.

What you might experience in this Divine Healing Transmission:

Warm, tingling sensations.

Heightened emotions.

Easeful breathing.


Release of energy.

Angel or departed loved ones.

You don’t need to do anything other than to find a comfortable place to sit and be still. I do encourage you to have your journal and pen nearby and to take time to write down your experience.

When you are finished watching the video, please take a moment to share your experience or ask a question in the comment section.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

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