November 2020

November Mantra: Forgiveness and Gratitude instantly set me free.

This time of year is where we get to pause and give thanks for the blessings in our lives.

The Angels have said that our gratitude practice is one way we show God our truth.

I’m excited about this months Mantra because when we choose forgiveness and gratitude the energy block within is instantly set free. This is how we feel and heal!

Healing Transmission For Trauma

This weeks Divine Healing Transmission is for Trauma. All you need to do is find a quiet spot to sit and be still for a few minutes, with your Believe Journal by your side.

Trauma unhealed leads to the manifestation of a physical response in our body.
We can spend years going to therapy or other healing modalities and still not feel how we want to feel. What we do instead of connecting inward with our desired feeling is this… we chase the feeling we desire.

This is why we have habits such as overeating, drinking a goblet of wine or eating a shit ton of junk food. Seriously, if you know me at all, you know that I did all of these and suffered from the yucky aftermath of the binge.
It’s not that I did those things that I wanted to point out, it’s that I was chasing a feeling…. that’s the part I really want you to get. The red wine and sugary snack attack never satisfied me. I am sure you can relate with this on some level. It may be spending, gambling even OCD type of lists, organizing and fixing things or others can all be part of the chase to feel.

The thing is we chase after feelings all the time. We all want to feel what our interpretation of good is. Right?!

And look, everyone we know has encountered some form of pain, either from an emotional, physical or mental experience. Sometimes it can be all of these, depending on our souls journey. Our incarnation in this physical realm is about our souls evolution. With all growth there is going to be learning, challenges and change.

Knowing this, now we can really dive inward to look at the feelings we are seeking from the outside world. Which, by the way we will never find outside of ourselves.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

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October 2020

October’s Mantra: Miracles are available to me!

This month’s mantra carries the vibrational healing from the Dragonfly.

The Angels share this message you with as a gift of spiritual awakening and transformation for your soul. The blessings from Heaven you receive are the miracles.

Take time to lean into the practice of reciting the mantra throughout your day. Each time you say it, hold your heart either literally or in your minds eye. This invites the integration of the mantra!