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The Miracle In Blessing Your Messy

November 9, 2020

In my first book The Goddess You, I shared with you this analogy I use to describe the crazy messy times in my life. These things come in waves of 3, I refer to them as my big 3’s and my little 3’s. 

Can you relate to things coming to you in 3’s? 

Maybe you’ve noticed, I’ve been a little quiet with my blog, podcast and on social media lately?  

As 2020 would have it, I’m currently in a big 3’s phase. People often think because I work with Spirit and the Angels that I am immune to having hard or bad stuff happen in my life. The truth is, we are all going to have shit go wrong, things to work on and challenges to navigate through, No one is immune to life happenings, not even me. 

For me, it’s about how I choose to go through the thing at hand. I can fall apart, cry, blame or fight the pain. OR. I can find joy, lean into love and up my spiritual practice. No, it isn’t easy, but it is a must for me to choose love over fear. When faced with life altering events, I look to my spiritual practice to replace fears tones with love’s promises. I go inward to bless my messy. 

Obviously we are all under a great deal of stress with Covid running rampant again. 

Inside this week’s blog I have two yummy tools for you to uplevel your spiritual practice and a secret project that I’ve been working on for my Angel Membership… It’s a monthly Angel Forecast.

First up my top 5 Recommendations To Up-Level Your Spiritual Practice

  1. Schedule It.

I’ve found that scheduling my meditation and yoga helps me to stay focused and committed. Pick a time, preferable the same time everyday to meditate. I choose towake early, I’m a 5 am gal. There is something so magical about meditating as the sun rises. The quietest part of the day works wonders for your meditation!

  1. Leave your device out of it.

Let’s be real here… our phones aren’t our best friends. They actually hinder our ability to quiet our mind and interfere with our energy. Leave your device away from you and you will find peace and calm just like I do! 

  1. Don’t give up.

I know the struggle is real to quiet your mind and be still. Start slow and stay with it. I’ve found beginning with a prayer of protection and a mindfulness routine supports my meditation. 

  1. When in doubt chant it out.

When you don’t know where or how or what to do try chanting it out. Meditation is all about vibration. The goal isn’t to stop your thoughts but to raise your energy to a heightened level. Preferably to match the vibration of your soul-self! Using a mantra and repeating it over and over is a chant. Try to keep your mantra simple as possible. Good ones to start with are OM or I AM that, I AM. 

  1. Journal it out.

I am an avid journaler. I talk to Heaven through my journal. It is a calm place to express and to listen and write out what Spirit has to offer. I will also write my personal prayers or mantra I am working with in my journal. I find it’s a great accountability partner to have near me. You can use The Goddess You Journal or The Believe Journal to start with! 

Second: I am sharing December’s Divine Forecast below, which officially launches to Angel Members in January, this the newest addition to my Angel Membership. I wanted to offer you some extra love and support as I am so grateful that you are part of my community. 

What you will find in each monthly Divine Forecast is a channeled painting and overview of the energy for the month ahead. There are so many lovely nuggets of goodness that the Divine has to share, I know you’re going to love them as much as I love to channel them!

December 2020 Divine Forecast

As we move out of the month of November and into December the Angels are showing that our world wide collective energy remains shaky, unstable and houses a continuation of people holding strong opinions and leveraging fear to prove their points.

While painting December’s 2020 Divine Forecast, the message spoken through each of my senses was that collectively we are being summoned to  return to faith. To honor these messages from the Divine, I’m calling December’s painting Angel Of Faith.

Angel Of Faith

The holiday’s bring up a duality of emotions.

While we miss and wish our departed loved ones were with us, we also cherish the memories that we’ve shared with them. Be aware that this month has a heightened energy for releasing 

Our bodies hold emotions. The wisdom from the Angels enlightens us to an understanding that as the body holds emotional energy of the past and present, it can also be free of and healed from painful emotions that block our innate Joy.

Though  collectively we may be willing away 2020, as it has been a painful year, we are also being guided to return to faith and hold space for love to fill in the crevices and cracks this past year has left behind. 

As you and I welcome the first day of December in, collectively we are going to see a continuum of fear rising to the surface. Challenging relationships and past drama’s are sure to knock at your door. The remedy is awareness of fear and the choice to love and nurture ourselves. 

This month is normally a social month, with parties, gatherings and celebrations.

This year rings in an uncomfortable experience of stillness and having you questioning how you will spend the Holidays. Depending on your energy this can call on fear to manipulate and confuse your thoughts. Faith will hold you as you move through decision making, if you pause to feel past the emotional warfare that evil is using to manipulate the collective, you can invite the vibrational energy you want to experience to move into its place. This is because we are in the time of the Healer, and as we are all healers we are seeing fear rise in all areas as it’s being transmuted to love. Lean on your faith by consciously choosing to be aware of your emotional standing, 

In December’s painting you can see an Angel with a single evergreen tree.

The significance of this isn’t as a Holiday symbol rather as a spiritual one. Evergreen’s represent immortality, survival and eternal life. The Angel is looking slightly upward as she is graced with the presence of The Holy Spirit. She is glistening with the radiance of purity. Faith is the golden glow you see floating effortlessly and abundantly as she leans into The Holy Spirit’s loving rays. This painting reminds us to look upward to God for guidance, clarity and stability as we return to faith, and bask in the infinite truth of our Divinity. You are an infinite being here to expand and glorify God. 

May the blessings of the Lord fill your life with abundant love and joy! 

xx Jeanne

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