What You Will Find Inside Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie

I’m Overjoyed to Announce

Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie is now available as an audiobook. The best part is you can get it NOW on Audible, and is free with a 30 day membership! 

This is my first Audible publication and it was hard and yet so much fun to produce with my new friend Tracy Walton, owner of On Deck Sound Studio. 

I loved writing this book, working with my Angels always inspires me to go beyond what the physical world has taught us. In today’s blog I am going to dive into what you will find inside while reading or listening to Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie

We are magical souls capable of healing our greatest source of pain with angelic guidance. In this book I share insightful and intimate details from some of my client readings, healing sessions, miraculous healings, and heavenly messages. These are intended to assist you in freeing yourself from energy that no longer serves you, while healing your pain and suffering. 

You can connect to the Divine realm, along with the Angels and celestial beings within it, to live your purpose-filled and meaningful life. 

This book gives a celestial view of how God’s heavenly Angels want to be your guide in healing. They want to raise consciousness–both individually and that of the collective. 

The Angels say that life is a beautiful privilege meant to be cherished and lived well, even with the bumps and turns in the road. 

Lovely, now is your time to love yourself, and live your best life by going through the steps that I’ve mapped out for you inside the pages of Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie!

This book is filled with Spirit’s inspiring messages, guidance and Divine love that will support you living your miraculous life.


The Miracles Within

 Chapter 1 Angels:: Miracle  … Angels have your backs

Chapter 2: Know Our Souls Truth: Miracle  … You are an infinite soul

Chapter 3: Divine Christ Energy: Miracle … Love supports you

Chapter 4: Our Highest Good: Miracle … Faith heals your fear 

Chapter 5: Our Life Path: Miracle … Forgiveness frees

Chapter 6: The Personal Moral Code: Miracle … Compassion reveals truth

Chapter 7: Gifts and Talents: Miracle … You are Love

Chapter 8: Pure Of Heart: Miracle … The gift of connection has always been within you

Chapter 9: What God Wants Us To Know: Miracle … You have the ability to manifest your desires

Chapter 10: How Love Can Support Us : Miracle … Miracles are available to you

Chapter 11: Saints and Sinners: Miracle … You have free will

Chapter 12: From The “I” to the We”: Miracle… Love heals

Chapter 13: Love Spark: Miracle … You are meant to be here

Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie, illustrates

How our desire to know our souls’ purpose leaves us feeling empty, alone and repeating patterns that no longer serve our well-being. 

Our soul’s have a natural craving to be in alignment with our authentic self, yet in our high-tech world we seek outwardly for advice and answers for our souls’ longing only to receive confusion in return for our efforts. Why? Because we have been taught to believe in the physicality of our world, not the Divinity and mystical energy that the Angel’s want to share with us.

Enjoy this sample.

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You have the ability to reclaim your personal power

Angels Don’t Lie show Inside this episode:

Channeled readings, including a mother who is connected with her baby, a brother speaks to his sister from Heaven, a mother who recently crosses over let’s her daughter know how she is doing and many more.

Plus… Witnessing the suffering of others is hard.

These are big worries.

And, these worries become burdens that block our receiving.

Literally the huge worries that you are carrying on your shoulders are harming your body and wellbeing. They affect your ability to fight inflammation and illness.

You have the ability to reclaim your personal power through prayer, meditation and breath work.

Your Core Color is the truth of your soul’s vibration. To connect to your color, close your eyes and come into your body and just connect with your favorite color, the one you’ve always loved since childhood. This is pure empowerment, knowing your soul’s vibration.

This exercise is as powerful as doing a past life regression session or being hypnotized. I’ve had so many people say it’s more powerful for their well-being than any other method they’ve tried. You’re choosing how you’re going to enter 2021. That’s what you’re doing right at this moment. You’re setting this clear intention. I’m choosing to enter the new year peaceful.

Amazing, abundant & free. Yes. Yes.


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